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    Used Sanyo 4912 in Saint Louis

    As you probably know, this fridge is perfect for use as a kegerator. It fits 2 corny kegs and a 5 lb CO2 tank. I have not installed a tap, but instructions can be found elsewhere in the forums. Message me if interested.
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    5g all grain from 3g boils?

    I've been doing the "countertop partial mash method" for my brews (4lbs grain in igloo cooler with grain bag), and I got to thinking. What if instead of adding extract at the end, I just do another 'partial' mash and boil? I think this might also be referred to as Texas Two-Step. So say I find...
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    When is beer most vulnerable to contamination?

    I'm wondering at what points is beer the most susceptible to contamination from bacteria or mold infection. For example, I'm guessing that it isn't very vulnerable if you're racking to a keg and putting it straight into the fridge. Anybody have any better knowledge on this than me?
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    Flat Ass Tired

    This recipe has been mentioned here before, but it's from the Hophead on the green board, and it is reportedly extremely close to Fat Tire. I need some help converting the recipe to partial mash. Do I consider the amber malt to be enzymatic, or non-enzymatic? I have a maximum capacity for the PM...
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    Why do fermentations get stuck?

    I'm wondering if somebody can explain chemically or biologically how fermentations get stuck. The common theory is that it was racked to secondary too soon, but I don't understand how this works. The only yeast you're leaving is the yeast that is already flocculated out and in the very bottom...
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    Primary not sealing well

    The rubber gasket between the air lock and the lid ripped, so I got a new one, and put it on. It doesn't seem to be holding the seal correctly. I've done a few batches, and the airlock doesn't bubble at all. 1. Anybody had this problem? 2. Is this a big deal? 3. Anybody have a quick fix?
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    AHS out of Nottingham

    I just received an order from Austin Homebrew of a Fat Tire clone and a Raspberry Wheat. It was supposed to come with Danstar Nottingham dry yeast, but both were shipped with Cooper's dry yeast. I called them to ask about it and talked to two people who both gave me attitude and said they...
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    My kegerator supplies

    After scouring the internet like a madman, I've found the fridge and kit I intend to use for my kegerator. Any suggestions? Sanyo SR-4912m ($225 shipped) Dual picnic tap system w/5# CO2 and 2 kegs ($225 shipped)...
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    Fridge for kegerator?

    I'm trying to get into kegging but am having a hard time finding a cheap, used fridge. Anybody know either what's the best store to go to (Walmart, Best Buy, etc), or website with good deals?
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    Chilling wort

    I've been chilling my wort in the bathtub, but I was trying to think of a way that might be faster. I was thinking about freezing a few 2 liter pop bottles, then placing the bottle straight into the brew kettle. After it melts, swap out for another frozen one. Obviously I would sanitize the...
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    chalky taste?

    I've made 4 extract kits now (3 from AHS, 1 Brewer's Best), and they all seem to come out with a kind of chalky taste. Could this just be that I'm not used to drinking beer that doesn't have the yeast filtered out?