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    Keg lids

    So like a fool I can't find the lids to my 2 Ball Lock kegs. Will pin lock keg lids work? I'm considering just buying 2 of the beat up kegs from AIH and being done with it.
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    Keg to Bottle

    I don't have a counterflow device to fill from my kegs to the bottle. I am wanting to enter my beer in our groups collaboration contest and wondered if it would be ok to tap from the keg to the bottle and sit for 2-3 days capped? Or would it flatten out? Any other solutions?
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    Keg conditioning

    Anyone here condition their beer in the keg using sugar/water vs force carbing? Thinking abt doing it to my Belgian dubel.
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    beligian IPA hops

    Doing a Belgian IPA today. 550 yeast. What would u use for hops. I like citrusy so was thinking citra galena a some simcoe.
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    Splitting co2

    So I want to expand my keg to having more than 1 per co2. If i am going to have them on the same level of CO2 do I only need a manifold? like this... If so what size do I need in terms of MFL? I assume if I want to have 2...
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    So after almost exactly 1 year of brewing and bottling I just ordered my regulator, keg and tubes to start kegging. I already have my CO2 tank too. Is there any tips you guys have for me?
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    Cold crash

    Cream ale done ferm. About 9 days old. Ferm just opened. Was going to try cold crash. How long and what temp? Do u rack to secondary or leave in primary
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    Mash Out...

    So when I do a mashout I use what temp of water? I'm mashing at 150-1 right now for 65. I was going to mashout for 10 minutes then sparge... Speaking of... what temp water do you sparge w???
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    Solo AG

    So tonight is my first solo AG. Doing a cream ale. OG est about 1.050. It called for 1.5lbs of flaked corn but I forgot to get some. So the people here told me to use grits as a substitue. I used the equivalent amount... but wasn't sure if it should be 24 oz dry... or 24 after...
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    Replacement for flaked corn

    I'm doing a cream ale today and realized I have no flaked corn and I don't think it's avail In town. Anything else I can use?
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    Keggin Set up

    What is the best site you guys have found to get a basic kegging set up from? I already have a CO2 tank.... I guess I would just need regulator, kegs, and hoses. Ultimate plan would be to do a Keezer... so eventually taps and a distributor would be needed as well.
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    First beer competition

    Well I sent my bottles in to my first beer competition this past weekend. I submitted 3 different beers. I'm excited to get some feedback to see what judges think of them.
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    Yeast book

    Is this the one says you should own? Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation (Brewing Elements Series)by Jamil Zainasheff
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    The Yeast book

    IS this the one everyone talks about ?? Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation (Brewing Elements Series)by Jamil Zainasheff
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    1st AG Pliny Clone

    This past weekend I did my first AG w my 5 gal MT system. 9 gal kettle. I did the pliny elder clone on here w a few changes. I utilized 12 lbs of Marris instead of the 13.25 lbs of 2-row and used 1.25 of sugar vs .75 lbs Also I used C-60 instead of 40 I did that due to the limits on...
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    First AG

    So I did my strike at 167. After I had 75% of it and the grain in MT my temp was down to 146-7. So I raised strike to 175. Added another gal. Got MT up to 149. Should be 151-2. Am I screwed?
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    Columbus replacement

    What hop can I use to replace Columbus?
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    Ice while lagering

    Anyone have ice form in fermenter while lagering? Went to rack to secondary finally and a little layer of ice. Any issues?
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    Ok to Lager on trub?

    Subject says it all. Doing my first lager. It's fermented and in fridge still on trub. Do I have secondary it for lagering?
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    Lagering temp

    So I'm on my first Lager... Oktoberfest. Currently in the fridge but my fridge won't get below 39-39 w the high temps we've been having... and its been mostly at 40... How will this impact the lager? Not as clear? tastes not as clean?