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    Adding honey during primary

    How many gravity points will I get if I add 1 lb of honey during primary? OG was 1.070.:mug:
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    Caribou Slobber

    I just tapped a keg AG Caribou Slobber from Northern Brewer ad I have to say I am a fan. This is a great session beer with lots of flavor. has anyone else brewed this and if so what is your take on it?:mug:
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    Pliny the Elder

    Just ordered the kit from AHS:ban: I've never had the beer before but I'm stoked.:D
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    Brett question

    I am making a "Funkhouse" ale similar to omeggedon (i hope). Anyway, its my 1st time using brett, i pitched it about halfway through active fermentation. I used a saison yeast and it fermented out and now i am getting some bret character in the hydro samples. I plan on letting this one go at...
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    7 day ESB

    Just poured a pint of my ESB brewed on 11/22/08, pitched on a wlp002 english ale yeast cake. 7 days from grain to glass, a new personal best.:ban:
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    bubbles in my beer line

    In the beer out line on one of my kegs bubbles keep forming, what could this be from? Everything seems sealed up ok.
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    i love apfelwien

    I just kegged mt 1st keg, its apfelwien , by the way, and i just wanted to let you all know how much i love it.:tank:
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    spinning tap handles

    so i just put my keezer together today and i have a question. I tightened the shanks and everything is good but i can spin the tap handles. am i missing something, is there a way to tighten them so they are solid?:mug:
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    pitching on yeast cake with hops?

    I have an ipa that i dryhopped in primary after fermentation had stopped. Its been about a week. Ny question is can i put a new beer on the yeast cake with all the whole leaf hops in there or do i hav e to worry about off flavors from them?
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    kegging here i come

    Just picked up a stand up freezer for $50 and ordered a complete 3 keg set up from ebay. all i need now is a temp regulator and i'm good to go.:ban:
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    You can use a syringe to create foam

    i was messing around today in my kitchen and found that if you pour a bottled beer real slow so there isnt any head you can use a syringe (used to inject marinade in meat) to suck up a small amount out of the glass and when you inject it back in it makes it as though it was poured through a...
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    where can i get lactic acid

    i made a berliner weiss and it isnt as sour as i would like so im thinkin about added some lactic acid, where can i get it without having to order it online?:mug:
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    stopping the hops

    the setup i have for my hops is a center pole with twine coming down on 4 sides for the hops to climb. my cascade is already to the top (12 feet). to prevent it from tangling with the others can i cut off the growth bud to stop it from getting taller or will this hurt the plant?/ thanks
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    to chill or not to chill

    so i brewed my 1st barleywine. between the blowoff and transferring from carboy to carboy i ended up losing about a gallon of brew. when i went to bottle i went through my normal routines and added enough dme for a five gallon batch. its been carbing for about 2 weeks and i just tried one...
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    Right now I'm drinking...

    I figured i would ask this question because i just poured my 1st ever DFH 120 min and im stoked. i cant get it in my state so my dad mailed me a few and they finally got here. so what are you all drinking as you surf??:ban: :mug:
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    to pitch or not to pitch

    my 1st barley wine is in the fermenter. the og was 1.094 and i used witbread yeast. the sg has been stuck around 1.021 for the past few days, should i pitch more yeast, if so, what kind. champagne? this is my 1st big beer and i have never experienced stuck fermentation. thanks:mug:
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    HELP...i keep losing beer

    so i brewed a batch of barley wine yesterday, og 1.091, and pitched a 1 quart starter of whitbread yeast. the thing is just going nuts!! my problem is that i have lost nearly 3/4 of a gallon of beer already though the blowoff tube. is there anyway to prevent this or is it just a hazard of...
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    barley wine dry hopping

    i just put my first batch of barleywine in the fermenter yesterday. my plan is to dry hop it in secondary. my question is how long should it sit on the hops? im planning on leaving it to bulk condition in the seconday for a few months. should i wait to add the hops or should i add them when i...
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    forgot to add yeast nutrient

    i just put a batch of barley wine in the fermenter and realized i forgot to add the yeast nutrient to the biol, can i just biol it in a little water and add it to the fermenter?
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    quick ?? brew in process

    its my 1st time using yeast nutrient, i have ld carlson yeast nutrient. when do i add it, during the boil?? Thanks