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    What went wrong with my Porter!

    I made a Porter a couple of weeks ago following my normal processes and sanitation methods. After about a week in the secondary fermenter, a scary surface layer is developing and I am worried I am losing my beer. Still smells like beer, but whats floating at the top is not something I've ever...
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    Hemp Beer

    This might be a delicate subject but thought I would throw it out there to stir the home brew pot a little. Has anyone ever made a hemp beer before? and by hemp beer I know!
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    Keg into Brewpot Help

    I have been thinking of upgrading soon to all grain and I know I will need to start boiling larger batches to make it worth my time. My local brewshop sells keg-kettles for $125 and that is a little more than I have at the time. What I do have is an old keg in my backyard that I could possibly...
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    Adding Hops when Bottling

    I made a batch last night and it has started fermenting in the primary. Upon racking to the secondary I plan on dry hopping with about 2 oz of amarillo. I want the beer to have a real strong aroma hops flavor so I was thinking of boiling up another 2 oz of hops for about 5 minutes to add when I...
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    Hops Growing

    Does anyone on this forum grow their own hops? I would like to try, but I don't know where to get plants/seeds in my area. I will have to ask next time I am down at my local homebrew shop. For those of you that have grown before, were they hard to get started? Did you harvest after the first...
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    Cloning Question

    If you are from the Colorado area (or if you can find it in your area), you have to try Hazed & Infused by Rockies Brewing Company. It is extremely hoppy and delicious. I would like to create a clone of this brew but had a few questions. They claim on the label that the beer is dry-hopped...
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    Gluten-Free Beer

    Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, oats and various other sources I can't remember at the moment. My wife has a gluten intolerance and therefore cannot drink beer anymore. Its been close to 5 years since she has had a brew. Has anyone ever made any beer with anything besides...
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    Jalapeño Beer

    A friend from work mentioned having some jalapeno beer before. Has anyone else ever heard of this or seen a recipe. If you have seen a recipe I wouldn't mind link/recipe as I might try it. Seems like you could soak peppers in fermenter for a little spicy brew.
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    IPA Recipe (Partial Mash)

    Here is a complete recipe for an IPA I made, it was very good but I would add a second ounce of finishing hops if I made it again. It was milder than most IPA's but still very good. My favorite part was the incredible creamy head. Ingredients: Approximate Ingredient Cost - $45.00 0.5-0.75...
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    Porter Questions

    I recently brewed my second batch and went with a porter(my first was an IPA and turned out wonderful). Currently it is in the fermentation stage and I'm a little concerned with the yeast I used. When I made my first batch (IPA), after sealing up the fermenter, the airlock started bubbling...