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    Massachusetts Blichmann 7 Gallon Conical (NPT)

    Selling my conical after going back and fourth with the idea. Its only been used twice and has all of the parts and pieces inside. NPT fittings. $400
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    Stir Plate Assistance

    I built a stir plate today but it seems to have some issues with it. When I first go to turn the stir plate on, it appears as though the magnets prevent the fan from starting to spin. Has anyone else has these problems? Is the fan too weak? The size of the wire on the fan is fairly small so I...
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    CTZ, Citra, Mosaic, and Ekuanot Hops - IPA

    Howdy everyone, I have a whole bunch of hops in the freezer and was looking to make an IPA this weekend but with a twist. I know a lot of recipes (trillium) call for Columbus at the start of the boil, then at the whirlpool and a massive dry hop but does anyone have any other experience's with...
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    Block 15 Sticky Hands Clone?

    I had this beer while out in Oregon and fell in love with it. I've done some digging around and haven't been able to find too much information on it other than this. Does anyone have any additional information? Anything that can help? Unfortunately, i was only out west for a trip so I won't be...
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    Adding DME toward End of Boil

    So I have been having some trouble with hitting my OG numbers as of late. Whether it be inefficiencies, a poor crush or what have you, I want to know if it is OK to correct the OG numbers in the last 5 mins of the boil by adding DME. I know that this is normally done before you begin the...
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    Fermentation Chamber - Blichmann 7 Gallon Conical

    All, Long story short, I went to buy a new fermenter after my bucket cracked and carboy shattered, only to come home and find that someone had already purchased one for me. I cannot express enough appreciation for the gift however, it was not what I would have purchased. I ended up receiving...
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    Massachusetts 10G SS Brewtech Kettle

    $180 includes the following 1x Whirlpool Kit for Standard Kettle w/Bulkhead 1x Thermometer Kit for Standard Kettle w/ Bulkhead 1x SS Brew Kettle 10 Gallon I would like to move up in size (20+ Gallon Kettle) and build a kettle that has the capability to go electric in the near future. I will...
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    Massachusetts 10 Gallon SS Brewtech Kettle ($200)

    I have a 10 gallon SS Brewtech Stainless Brew Kettle. Purchased 9 months ago, it has blown away my expectations for BIAB Brewing but I'm looking to increase my capacity to 20+ gallons. I've used the kettle for about a dozen brews at this point. Comes with tangential whirlpool port, thermometer...
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    Kegging - Frankenstein Poppet/Post, will it work?

    Hi all, So over the past several batched I have begun to slowly switch the posts and poppets on all of my kegs to the universal type (with the 3/4" post and conical looking poppets). First time doing this, everything worked out great, so as a result, I ordered another set for the next keg. I...
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    Ferm Fridge Builds

    Does anyone on here have a good link to a fermentation chamber build of someone taking apart and utilizing the guts from a NEWER mini fridge? I have attempted this and failed (can't hold temp) and I am looking to see what others may have done to make theirs work. For those who may be...
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    Batch gone bad?

    How's it going everyone. So here's what happened, I built myself a fermentation chamber two weeks ago out of a mutilated 3 cu ft mini fridge. Built a wooden box and insulated it with 1.5" R-7.5 foam before and tested it with a couple gallons of water. Brewed a batch of beer this past weekend...
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    Fermentation Chamber - Bit off more than I can Chew

    So i came up with the wise idea of building a fermentation chamber, sourced a fridge (free) that was about 7 years old, went to HD and got all the supplies, began building the unit then...hit a snag. I began the mini fridge demo thinking the evaporator coil would be behind the fancy plastic...
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    Water Profile...Price Check - Trillium Fort Point Pale Ale

    Hello all, I am still new to the whole altering the water profile thing using brewing salts. I am attempting to brew a Trillium Fort Point Pale Ale Clone which will be dry hopped with Galaxy. As my situation stands now, I do not have an RO machine (hope to get one here shortly) so I am stuck...
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    Anyone Know Where I can get an O2 Bottle Adaptor?

    I've been searching for a couple of days and cannot seem to find one. I purchased an Anvil oxygenation kit from my LHBS because it was one of the cheaper ones I had seen and I had contemplated one for a while. I got home, opened it up and I noticed the poppet that pushes down on the pin is...
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    Anvil Brewing...Your Experiences

    Has anyone purchased anything from Anvil Brewing? I searched the forum and could only find a short thread about one persons experience with their burner and it was mostly positive (although customer service did have to get involved). I understand they are owned by Blichmann but I am curious...
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    Brewing Salt Addition Double Check

    Making a BIAB batch this morning of Tire Hands Clone and wanted to double check my brewing salt calcs with someone else. 8.5 gallons of water to start (using Distilled because i dont have an RO yet) 1.7 grams of Chalk 4.1 grams of gypsum 9.1 grams of Calcium Chloride 6.4 grams of epsom...
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    New Chugger Pump - Busted Seal

    Has anyone else had this problem? I just purchased a brand new pump, a couple days after it arrived, I was able to set it up. I noticed the pump head was leaking when I primed the system so it took the head apart only to find a chunk of the main seal missing. Has anyone else had this...
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    Taking the Plunge...My Experiences of Going from Extract to BIAB

    So I finally did it, I decided that enough was enough and bought the supplies to make my first BIAB batch. This was my first all grain attempt and it was met with quite a few trials and tribulations. Over the past several months I had been going back and forth with myself on what my next big...
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    Contemplating the switch to BIAB....Headed in the right direction?

    How's it going everyone, as the title states, I am currently an extract brewer with about 15 batches under my belt considering going to BIAB. I was once considering going all grain with a cooler mash tun, and even went so far as to build the mash tun, but was a little too nervous about my...