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  1. Gustavo

    Brewibg supply company/ PayPal

    Is there a brewing supply company that accepts PayPal? Besides buying on eBay.
  2. Gustavo

    805 extract beer?

    Just curious what would the be the closest extract kit similar to 805 beer?
  3. Gustavo

    Oxyclean to clean beerlines and tap?

    Has any one used oxyclean to clean beer lines and chrome taps?
  4. Gustavo

    Cleaning beer ang gas lines

    Hello I was about to clean my beer lines and tap, when I noticed I was out of sanitizing solution. I was wondering if maybe I could use anything else or maybe boil the lines, or would it be easier to just replace them?
  5. Gustavo

    Pumkin ale no pumpkin?

    I purchased a pumpkin ale kit from northern brewers. I added ruffly around 80 oz. of pumpkin, because I wanted a more pronounced pumpkin flavor. But I got zero pumpkin, beer is good. I added the canned pumpkin at last 15 min of boil. A lot was removed when transferred to bucket and while...
  6. Gustavo

    31/2 gallons of brew

    So I'm about to transfer my pumpkin ale to keg and after secondary I am only left with 31/2 gallons of beer. I way under shot the water. I'm wondering if I was to boil some water, to help against oxidation. Is it possible to add about 1/2-3/4 gallon of water to beer @ kegging. And would there be...
  7. Gustavo

    What else besides beer?

    Just wondering if any one has ever kegged any thing besides beer or cider.
  8. Gustavo

    munton yeast pitched too low?

    I sprinkled the dry yeast, munton, on my pumpkin ale kit. The temperature was around 60*. Its been 24 hours and no sign of fermination. I'm wondering if If i killed the yeast or is it just taking longer since it is low temp.
  9. Gustavo

    Sanky and corney on. Same co2?

    I'm adding another line to my kegerator. I currently have a corney set up, but want to add a sanky tap to kegerator. I'm wondering if I could have the co2 running both types at the same time and if the lines should be same size for both kegs. 3/4"
  10. Gustavo

    Adding flavor to wine

    Hello every one I'm attempting my first batch of wine. I have been brewing beer for almost three years and wanted to try wine. I'm making the wine from welch 100% juice bottles. I was wondering if it was possible to add flavors like cherry ect... To wine. And if so would it be during secondary?
  11. Gustavo

    Start Alrx Smith over Stafford Week 2

    Fantasy football .... I'm having some problems staring stafford, after last week. Thinking of starting smith. ? any takers?
  12. Gustavo

    Leave co2 tank on?

    Do I leave the co2 tank on the whole time the beer is in the fridge. Once the beer is carbed and ready to serve. Are we suppose to leave the tank on.
  13. Gustavo

    Good beer gone bad?

    Well I brewed an extract cream ale from NB. Every thing was good until l accidentally froze my keg. At the time I didn't know it was frozen just that my liquid out wasnt working. So u purged my keg and ran my liquid out. Under hot water. Turned out my line was frozen. So input line back in and...
  14. Gustavo

    Fantasy football

  15. Gustavo

    Reducing sediment from keg

    I've read a couple articles about how to reduce sediment from kegs. One said to cut an inch off the out tube another to shake the keg and of course pour out the sediment. But after the beer is all gone I seem to have alot of yeast and sediment stuck on the bottom of the keg. Pretty much looking...
  16. Gustavo

    Hop filter in keggerator

    Was reading an article on how they add a hop filter to kegerators to add more flavor profiles. Has any one every used this, and can u simply us it to filter your beer before it goes to the tap
  17. Gustavo

    Cold conditioning time?

    Was wondering if cold conditioning takes longer than just leaving it at room temp. Iv been cold conditioning / carbing for the past two weeks and still seems a lil "green". Does it usually take longer or is the time frame the same.
  18. Gustavo

    Stomach ach

    Ust wondering any one else get a stomach ach from home brew. Just took a drink of my cream ale and it really upset my stomach
  19. Gustavo

    Foamy keg

    I just set up my keggerator and my beer is coming out super foamy. I have 10' of beer line, and my kegerator sitting at about 40. Im serving pressure is around 8 psi. I noticed my faucet lever was stuck at first. Any one?