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    Screen printing bottles

    Any experience in screen printing?
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    DIY Brewing stand - Ideas? Bedframes & Free stuff!

    Ok, I got a few ideas for a welded up bed frame DIY brewing frame/stand. I want to use the supplies I already have and cheap/free stuff from craigslist and minimal cost. I want a all grain setup with burners, sparge tank, kettle, and mash tun. I want to also maybe use burners off old bbq's to...
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    Reusing and storing yeast ??

    I want to start reusing yeast. I have 5 gallons with wlp001 in it, started from a liter starter about a week ago. Looking to transfer that to a secondary and harvest the yest for two upcoming ipa's in the next week or so. Should I just scoop it up into two separate jars and into the fridge, and...
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    DME for jamil's evil twin Yeast starter

    DME for jamil's evil twin Yeast starter? Lots O choices so yea..... whats the right DME?
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    Lets make a DIPAR

    Ok, I want to come up with a double india pale ale RED extract kit, lets see some of your thoughts on what ingredients you would include.
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    Chlorine Free Bleach?

    For sanitizing lately I have been trying chlorine free bleach, made with Cosmetic Grade Peroxide and water. What do you guys think about this stuff? Cleaning/sanitizing with a diluted (1 tbl per gallon).
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    Imperial/Double Red extract kits?

    Looking to brew up a deep imperial/double red ale, any good kits around? I need a bitter/malty and hopped up red, high alcohol content brew....?
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    Strong Ale? Any good kits?

    I am wanting to brew a strong ale for my next batch, any good ones out there? Looking into the midwest superior strong ale (looks good). Anything close to a Stone ABA is good, or a malty/hop tasting ale with high alcohol Vol.
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    Final gravity 1.028? Hop head DIPA

    So I bottled my first homebrew! Hophead DIPA from midwest, today took a gravity reading with what was left from the filling bucket (1.028). I took a reading after 1 week in primary before racking to the secondary (1.014) at that point. So 1 week in primary, and 2 weeks in secondary dry hopped...
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    Secondary not full?

    Racked my Hop head DIPA last night to the 5g secondary, noticed its not full?? Seems like its missing a little. I started with 3 gallons in the boil, and added about 2 to fill after that. Can I add more top off water at this point or is that a no go? Also my gravity reading was about 1.014 at...
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    First brew - Hop head DIPA MW - Questions-

    Hey, new to the forum and brewing but have most supplies to get started (MW basic starter kit, 5 gallon better bottle, 5 gallon kettle, ingredients for MW Hop head DIPA). I have a question, when the instructions say "Add a minimum 1.5 -2 gallons of tap water to your pot. If you have a larger pot...