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  1. B amazing creature, indeed

    SWMBO surprised me today with a hair appointment at a men's grooming establishment. It was crazy cool and relaxing. There were sports on the multiple screens around the shop. I was served complementary beer while I waited. My pint glass was refilled before I went to my haircut. But wait. It...
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    New Growth...what to do?

    We've been getting some odd spurts of relatively warm weather here in the NW. I went out to check my hops to see if they were ready for pruning. To my surprise, I found new branches coming off the vines that looked nearly dead from a distance. I have these new branches on several plants. Also...
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    Split Bine

    I have a bine that appears healthy, but on one of the lower segments it is completely split open. This bine is little shorter than the others and it's a little early to tell if it will grow well. Has this happened to anyone before? Should I just cut it back to not risk sucking nutrient? Or just...
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    Shoot Happens

    It's been killing me to cut all these fat shoots busting out of my second year Centennial. So I thought I'd try something. Several shoots have traveled from the center of the hill to break out the side. I already have my 'chosen ones' climbing string, so I gently dig back a bit to where the...
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    Hop Burn???

    I recently brewed a CDA that I have brewed before, but this time I used hop extract, as well as a more extensive whirlpool regiment. The CDA is fantastic. It's everything I want in a CDA. The one difference is a mild burn on the front of my tongue. It seems like it may be a bitter/hop burn like...
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    First Shoots of The Year!!!

    Woohooo! All my plants survived the cold season and shoots have started breaking ground. At what point should I clip the first growth?
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    Funny/Over-Reactions you've had about beer

    I'll start: My wife and I have a ongoing half-joke-half-serious argument over pouring beer from a bottle...ESPECIALLY homebrew bottles. From time to time, we will share a bomber and she will basically turn the bottle upside down having no concern for the sediment or proper head formation. It's...
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    National IPA Championship

    Oh, to be a judge at this comp!!!!!!!!!!!! :( But what's up with no Lagunitas or Russian River??? Also, anyone try Elysian's Idiot Sauvin IPA? That stuff is dang good! Now changed to the less witty Savant IPA.
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    Hop Extract

    Anyone have experience with hop extracts? Particularly Hop Jizz (don't google me). It looks a little different than Hop Shots i've seen, though the Jizz comes in a syringe, too.
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    Roasted barley bourbon infusion???

    I'm preparing to make a RIS and I was considering making a roasted barley bourbon infusion and adding it to secondary/late primary. Has anyone tried this or heard of anyone trying it. I have done coffee infusions before, but thought I may get a similar effect by just using roasted barley. Part...
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    How often do you all get the "Now, are those beans?" Yes. Yes, they are and my name's Jack. Would you like to see my newly acquired golden eggs?
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    How many is too many?

    I planted a Centennial rhizome not quite two weeks ago. Right now 16 sprouts have broke ground and still counting. How many is too many? Should I just let them grow being the first year? Should I let the 3-4 longest grow and nip the rest? TIA
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    Neighborhood kids are great for hops!

    My back yard is crawling with lady beetles, after the neighborhood kids spent the afternoon collecting and relocating the little ladies onto my hops plants. Win-win, they had fun collecting; I get an army to fight aphids and mites. :ban:
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    Lesson Learned

    I recently hooked up my Gibson 20 chest freezer to a Johnson controller. The new chamber is currently 20 hrs into its first ferment--a 14 gal IPA. I'm loving the temp control, but just learned a huge lesson when I went to check the actual temp of the fermenter: DON'T STICK YOUR HEAD IN THE...
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    Imperial IPA **malty**

    Looking to make a distinctive Imperial IPA (not a double IPA). I love the malt flavor in Lagunitas' IPA line that is present from the IPA to Hop Stupid. I've been working on it for a while with different brews. I'm not trying to clone Lagunitas, just come close to the same malty goodness. This...
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    Planning Super BIG Ars OG

    I figure every perilous journey should include a little forethought, right? I brew mostly big beers, so I would say I am familiar with the ins and outs of high OG brewing. I routinely hit pretty close to my target FG on 1.100 beers. BUT this bad boy I'm hoping to land at 1.200+. I know there...
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    Thank Goodness for Coleman Mash Tun w/Trough!!!

    Struggled through my first stuck sparge last night. I couldn't figure it out, because I've done so many batches on this system and never had a problem. This morning when I was cleaning out the spent grains, I was careful not to disturb my manifold to see if I could notice any issues. Turns out...
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    Fruit Addition in Primary?

    I've always added my fruit to the secondary, but I'm preparing to brew my annual batch of apricot hefe for the wife and was thinking of adding the fruit puree to the primary once fermentation begins. I figured it's a hefe and this will speed up the process from bucket to bottle. Any...