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    So what really was my efficiency and how to improve my first extraction

    So yesterday I made a Smoked porter my first large grain bill in my Guten 70 litre one brew system like a brewzilla. Aiming for 1.087 and 25litre in fermenter. Grain bill below, milled after conditioning at 0.5mm on the maltzilla. Total 10.53 kg. Used 24 litres of mash water, doughed in at 63...
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    What size hole do I need in beer shank with 4mm EVA line?

    I use 4mm EVA line on my kegs and will be getting some new shanks for some more taps ( perlicks). Which bore should I get 3/16 or 1/4 inch. I have a mixture of these two sizes on my current 5 taps having bought a different size ( due to ignorance) when I upgraded from 3 to five taps. Does it...
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    Should my STC 1000 temperature reading change all the time?

    I use an STC 1000 for my ferment fridge control ( now on number 3 ), the probe is stuck to the side of the fermenter with blu tack and then strapped over this some insulation as well. The temperature never stays fixed always wavering up and down by up to half a degree, I have calibrated it and...
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    Decontaminate Regulator Possible ?

    My first regulator at some stage I did the not uncommon wrong post carbonated keg and backed up into the regulator. Ever since couldn't get above 21 psi on the dial and I used it on my spare cylinder for mobile duties, counter pressure filling, flushing kegs out etc. Noticed recently looking...
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    Beer Engine strip down advice

    Finally picked up my long searched for beer engine. Seemed to be in fairly good condition ( half pint pull I think ) . But a bit " farty " noise when I pull the handle down.. I have stripped it down as much as possible and it's all soaking in PBW. Looking better overnight. But I can't...
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    Out of Date, I should stop using this?

    Have just started to dabble with Sodium Metabisulphite as an antioxidant when bottling, still learning re this. I Looked at the container after a few uses that I had kept from my original kit brewing days and realised well past its' date. Bought some new to replace it and it's a lot more...
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    Beginner Wine Should I oxygenate my must?

    Hi Novice winemaker but made a lot of beer. Just a winexpert kit for Pinot Grigio, recently have acquired O2 cylinder and means to oxygenate my beer wort. Just about to make this kit and wonder should I oxygenate prior to adding the yeast? thanks.