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  1. grotuk

    Electric Ice Chest for SS Brewtech FTSS?

    Hi, I have spent some time researching online and it looks like no one has tried this project. I see some people have used some of those 12V plugin ice chest as small fermentation chambers but not as a source of water. Long story short, I have a 5 gallon brew bucket with an FTSS system. I use...
  2. grotuk

    Transferring from Kettle to HLT Cooler

    Hi, I'm finally moving from extract brewing to all grain and I'm setting up two coolers to help me as MT and HLT. I'm setting up a 3 level system and one of the questions in terms of "security" is how do people secure the tubbing that moves the hot water from the kettle to the HLT. I'm...
  3. grotuk

    Amount of water to recirculate with CFC

    To close the loop here, I tried this experiment yesterday and I managed to cool the beer down to mid 70s from boil with north of 20 gallons of tap water and about 2 pounds of ice (ice packs). I went through the process with 4 buckets and some change and it cooled the 5 gallons of wort in about...
  4. grotuk

    Amount of water to recirculate with CFC

    Hi crew, A Californian here trying to save water. After having wasted too much water this year with an IC, I'm setting up a more efficient process before my next brewing day. My idea is to have a tank/bucket with water that I can store in my garage so on brewing day it will be around 70...