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    Quick Question about a Starter

    Howdee. Just a quick question. I've made a 32oz starter with Wyeast 1010 American Wheat. It looks to have fermented out. I'm brewing today. Should I remove a majority of the beer in the starter and just pitch the sludge? Or do I just dump the whole thing in? Thanks much.
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    Gravity has been at 1.030 for three weeks

    Hey All, I'm not sure what to do next with this beer. My gravity has been stuck at 1.030 for about three weeks now after one week for fairly vigorous fermentation. OG was 1.060. One week ago I repitched some Safale-04 (Whitbread Strain) and threw in some yeast nutrient to help restart...
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    Afternoon Lineup

    Ah Yes! It's here! First day of vacation and a lazy afternoon to do nothing at all. Check out what I treated myself to. Where to start...?
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    Jasmine Honey Kolsch (PM)

    I've been toying with this recipe for awhile in my head and finally decided I might as well give it a go. My hope is to make a light, refreshing brew with that initial, intoxicating aroma of jasmine and floral citrus(from the honey). The jasmine would come from here. It's really expensive...
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    What's the best way to crush grains without a mill?

    ...crush grains without a mill? Ziplock bag and a rolling pin? I'm doing my first Partial Mash and just want to make sure I'm getting all the good stuff from the malt. Thanks.
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    How many Kegs...?

    I'm still extract brewing but slowly piecing together the parts for an AG setup. I figured I would really try to make sure I get the best stuff I can from the git go to save the hassle later. So anyways, do you brew with two converted kegs and a cooler or 3 kegs? And if it's a matter of...
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    Brewing a Maibock

    I'm going to be making this tomorrow. I had to make due with the type of hops but any help on the schedule would be appreciated. Any other suggestions? Different yeast maybe? Any additives? Maelstrom Maibock 9# German Pils LME 1# Munich Malt .5# Carapils Malt 1oz Sterling...
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    Pitching onto a yeast cake...

    So, I just wanted to get some advice. I'm planning on making a maibock within the next couple of days. It's got 9lbs of LME and will, obviously, need a pretty big starter. I've got a Dark Cherry Lager kit from the LHBS fermenting in the basement right now. The cherry part was a bottle of...
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    How long is too long?

    Yeah, umm...I'm talking about secondary fermentation. I have two brews, fairly low gravities (1.048 and 1.053) that have been in secondary fermentation for, oh...10 weeks or so. I just haven't gotten around to bottling because I've been busy and I'm pretty lazy on top of that. Is my...
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    Carboy Cap method for Racking

    Hey all... Would anyone mind explaining the setup for using a carboy cap for racking? And how to do it? I know I need a carboy cap, a racking cane and some tubing. Am I missing anything? Do I need a filter or something to go over the blow-off hole or can I just blow right into it...
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    It's 90 friggin' degrees in the apartment...

    I live in Buffalo. I like the colder weather. This is killer. Anyways...I've got two 5 gallon batches about 10 days into fermentation. One batch has pretty much stopped and the 2nd (Cheesefood's Caramel Cream Ale) is still bubbling away. Question is...should I try moving these carboys...
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    Let's just say, hypothetically, that I have this friend, that's it...a friend, that might have went a little overboard with the hops on an IPA recipe. He had some extra hops laying around, he had a couple beers, next thing you know everything is in the pot. ProMash has this thing at 130 IBUs...
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    Storing Yeast Packs

    Hey! Just a quick question. I just got two smack packs of yeast along with some other goodies from Northern Brewer. Brew day isn't going to be for a week or so. Do I refrigerate or freeze these suckers? Brian