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  1. J

    Lack of Bitterness?!

    Hey Everyone, My main mission on this last DIPA was to achieve hop flavor. I have been able to have very bitter beers, some being way to bitter, even for my taste. So I really wanted to achieve the hop flavor and thick mouth-feel from the resins in the hops. Below is my recipe to my last...
  2. J

    Beer Glassware

    Hey Everyone, As a very generous present, I received a trip to pick out beer glassware. I already have a very nice Tulip glass that I use daily. The thing is, I use this for sours, stouts, IPA's and everything in between. I don't mind this, but with this present I have the opportunity to...
  3. J

    Original Gravity Question

    Hey Everyone, I am a 1 gallon extract brewer for now (will move up to 5 gallons when I have my own space to brew), and I just brewed an IIPA yesterday. My measured original gravity should have been 1.085 and I missed the mark slightly but 1.083. But I ended up coming out with only about .8th...
  4. J

    Dry Hopping Experiment

    I have brewed a 1 gallon batch of a IIPA and have its about 2 days away from bottling. I usually just experiment with the 1 gallon batches and this time I am seeing if there is an amount of dry hops that is too much. I decided to go all out and dry hopped with the equivalent (for a 5 gallon...
  5. J

    Question about boil Volume

    Hey Everyone, I posted a few weeks ago concerned about adding .5 gallons of "top off" water to my 1 gallon IIPA batch. I under estimated how much wort would be lost in boil off and hop absorbtion and ended up with only .5 gallons of wort post boil. I tested it a few days ago and it was...
  6. J

    Adding water after boil, before primary fermentation

    I am new to home brewing and am having a blast. My third batch (IIPA) is happily fermenting away. I am using extract kits and only doing 1 gallon batches to begin, to make things less complicated to start. On my last batch I made a few days ago, I added a lot of hops. Due to the hops...
  7. J

    How long to dry hop for?

    I brewed a single hop Citra last night, and want to dry hop it to get as much Citra flavor as possible. I know Citra has very high alpha acid %'s, but this wouldn't effect dry hopping correct? Any recommendations on how long to dry hop for before I bottle? Cheers!!
  8. J

    What should beer taste like afte 2 weeks?

    Hey everyone, I am new to this whole brewing thing but I absolutely love it. I brewed an IPA 2 weeks ago and just bottled it. Of course I tried a taste to get an idea of what it would be like and I was surprised. I got a lot of bitterness (which I like) some malty flavors (also not bad)...