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  1. bdaddy

    pre-boil gravity measurement - cool first?

    OK, I'm going to measure my pre-boil gravity this time around to hone in on my efficiency. I'm guessing my wort will be around 150-170 after the sparge...I have a wine thief and can take a sample at that time. But do can I just plop my hydrometer in at that temp and then using software to...
  2. bdaddy

    Brewers 2-Row Malt or Pale Ale Malt

    I have a recipe that calls for Pale Malt(2-row) America (for a SNPA clone). I'm ordering from Austin Homebrew Supply...which base grain does that equate to: Brewers 2-Row Malt or Pale Ale Malt...
  3. bdaddy

    sight glass marking

    What do you guys use to mark off your sight glass measurements? I have the bargain fittings sight glass and looking for something a little nicer than just magic marker, if possible. Something like this would be ideal, but I have no idea what was used here...
  4. bdaddy

    how long is TOO long in the primary

    I had 2 batches of cream ale, and I kegged one batch but have never gotten around to kegging the other (or racking it to a secondary). So it's been sitting in the primary bucket since mid January (temp was maintained at < 70 for 3-4 weeks, but since then the temp has fluctuated since I haven't...
  5. bdaddy

    Primary/no secondary - add gelatin to primary or to keg?

    First batch I'm kegging and first batch I'm using gelatin. My cream of 3 crops ale was in primary for 3 weeks, now I put it in the fridge overnight last night to "cold crash" for a few days before I rack to a keg. My questions: 1) Should I add gelatin to the primary today and then rack...
  6. bdaddy

    beginner kegerator + tower build questions

    Working on my first kegerator (sanyo 4912 conversion) and have a few questions. a) I ordered a chrome tower and got it fitted with perlicks when it was sent to me. If I want to take out the taps and connected hose (for easier installation of the tower which I'm having issues with now) do I...
  7. bdaddy

    Rootbeer in keg

  8. bdaddy

    Rootbeer in keg

    I'm just getting into kegging and getting my kit in the next few days. I don't even have any beer fermenting at the moment, so it'll be several weeks before I can keg my first batch. I was thinking about doing some homemade rootbeer in the keg for the kids in the meantime, but wondering if I...
  9. bdaddy

    kegging - custom regulators?

    I have a local guy who I believe can give me a better deal on a complete system than what I can get online, with shipping, etc. The only catch is he apparently has "custom" regulators that he gets from someplace else. Right now he's testing out one of his dual regulators as the ones he's used...
  10. bdaddy

    blowoff tube for bucket

    I have the basic 6.5 gallon buckets that are sold from midwest. The lid has a small hole (within the rubber gasket) for the airlock. I'm wanting to brew Biermuncher's SWMBO slayer and understand it can kick up quite a bit of fermentation activity. I may be safe with 6.5 gallon fermenter...
  11. bdaddy

    Too low a FG reading?

    Did my 2nd all-grain and struggled with the same things I did with the 1st (crappy thermometer + problems cooling). I bought a digital therm thinking it would solve my problems, but still had issues. Batch sparging and poured in what I thought was 162F water in my mash (target of 150F). When...
  12. bdaddy

    better bottle same as water jugs from stores?

    stupid question, but is there any difference between the better bottles and the 5 gallon jugs they sell the water in at the local grocery store? I have one sitting next to my better bottle right now and they look identical...same size, opening, etc. Are they made of something different that...
  13. bdaddy

    First All Grain- the good, bad, and the ugly

    My 3rd overall batch, but 1st all-grain. recipe: BierMuncher's Centenial Blonde. His recipe called for 5.5 gallons, but using beersmith I targeted 5.0 gallons. equipment: all my do-it-myself equipment held up great. No leaks from my keggle, no stuck sparge from my MLT from flyguy's thread...
  14. bdaddy

    Keggle weldless valve still leaking

    Tried to find my other post about this from a few weeks back, but it's not showing up (edit: I see it now after I posted this one...was in the DIY section) Anyways, my keggle is still leaking and need some input. I'm using the bargain fittings weldless kit. As far as I can tell, there's...
  15. bdaddy

    keggle - weldless valve leaking

    got my top cut out and the hole drilled. I ordered this weldless fitting found here: Bargain Fittings The hole was a tad small so I filed it just enough for my weldless fitting to fit, but everything looked great and felt snug. Problem is, when I fill it up, it leaks (not a lot, but...
  16. bdaddy

    Immersion Chiller build question

    Building an IC for my keggle (50 ft 1/2inch). At the start I'm going to be doing 5 gallon batches only. Anyways, I have a problem in that I didn't have anything to wrap the coil around (no keg, etc.) I sort of did it by hand and it is just not a very clean wrap (nothing like the ones I see...
  17. bdaddy

    some more keg to keggle conversion questions

    I acquired a 15.5 gallon Sanke keg, and now have some questions to convert to to kettle. 1) Cleaning..where can I find "bar keepers friend" for cleaning out the old keg for the first time? Is it only available online, or might there be some local specialty shops I should check? 2) I'm...
  18. bdaddy

    Thank goodness for my Son of Fermentation Chiller

    AC went out for 2 days in this Texas heat. Room temp shot up to 86 degrees, but my chiller steady flowing at 66 :) Best $30 I spent (had everything but the foam), just wish i had built the bigger one that holds 2 buckets/carboys.
  19. bdaddy

    Keg into a keggle - newbie question

    I found a keg that the owner says has old beer still in it. I assume this doesn't present a problem? - it's not pressurized and will explode on me when I cut it open? - any smell/stains I will be able to clean out with enough elbow grease/cleaning products?
  20. bdaddy

    Type of keg for a kettle?

    Looking for a 15.5 gallon half barrel keg to make into a kettle. I'm searching craigslist and just wondering if I have to be wary of different kinds of kegs that might not be good to convert as a kettle? Reason I ask is I remember reading in some blurb that sanke(sp?) kegs are good for...