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    I'm mashing!!

    True. You'll find that your friends (and SWMBO) generally don't want to hear all the glorious details of your project. They love to drink it though!
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    The stupidest comment on your beer

    "How did you make it?" - What followed this question was generally a very long 'salesman' like answer that they really didn't want to hear. It took me years to adjust.
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    First All Grain

    My fellow Marylander, Kolsch shares some characteristics of a Pilsner (like color) but the two are not the same. Kolsch is typically a warm fermenting beer where Pilsner is lagered.
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    I'm mashing!!

    At least the Starsan didn't end up in the beer. Sounds like you had good time.
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    16,951 + 10 = 16,961
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    What is a double IPA?

    Thanks for sharing. I've been apprehensive about using more than eight to nine ounces in a five gallon batch.
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    What is a double IPA?

    How did your last batch turn out? A pound of hops for a five gallon batch sounds a bit intense.
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    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    15899 + 5 = 15904
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    What are you drinking now?

    12 yr old Fiddich
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    Cooling the Wort

    oops. I was referring to an immersion chiller.
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    Too Warm For Bottling?

    104F ? Wow! Did it ferment at these high temps? At this point, I would just bottle it and store it in a cool place.
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    Cooling the Wort

    It is important to cool the wort down as quickly as possible once your boil time is complete. I struggled to cool one of my beers for about a half an hour this summer and saw no ill affects to the final product.
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    Cooling the Wort

    Run cold water through the wort chiller not beer. I drop my wort chiller in the brew pot ten minutes before killing the flame to insure sanitation. No need for a second chiller.
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    A good night

    Love me some DFH. I tried to hit 151F but ended up with 154F instead. Ah well. I'll just end up with beer that will finish at ~1.020 instead of ~1.016. With six ounces of hops at the boil and two at the dry hop, I should be fine. I used 15lbs of Maris, .5lbs of Carapils and .5lbs of Crystal 120L.
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    A good night

    FUNNY stuff. I am doing the Centennial/Cascade combo as well. I plan to mash 15lbs of Maris Otter, .5lbs of Carapils and .6lbs of Crystal 120L @ 154F. Think it's too high? I plan to sparge @180F
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    A good night

    I am sampling a IIPA from Harpoon called Leviathan. I think it is nothing short of brilliant with rich malty backbone and scores of hops that promote bio-porn in your mouth. All this while planning tomorrows AG brew day. Tomorrow I planning to brew an AG IIPA that will hopefully become the...
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    Lasagna and Delerium Tremens

    Ah Pink Elephant and lasagna. Sweet!
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    Work or HBT??

    Same here. However that time is but a small fraction of my work day.
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    IIPA recipe thoughts

    Hopbursting... awesome!
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    Last minute hop addition

    I have pellet hops and I use them in my dry hop addition. I assume I'll be fine in that regard. I've read about a few crazy things DFH was doing with hop additions at the pour, but that kind of stuff isn't in my budget... nor my hop budget :) I plan to bottle on the 24th. We'll see how it goes.