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  1. Hose

    Overcoming cold garage temps.

    I've recently relocated my set up to a much colder climate. Fermentations will take place in a garage that stays about 40 degrees for most of the winter. If you have a suggestion to keep my fermentation temps. in the proper range I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  2. Hose

    Mountain spring water

    We have recently relocated to eastern TN and not far from our place is a spring that flows out of a pipe coming out of the side of a cliff along the main road. Consistently when I drive by there are cars parked alongside filling gallon jugs. I curious if anyone has used spring water for their...
  3. Hose


    I'll be adding a blackberry puree (from can) to the secondary of a Porter this week. Any suggestion or warnings? Thanks, Hose
  4. Hose

    Splitting a batch

    This week I'll start a 5 gal. extract Octoberfest ale. Does any one see any problems with the following for carbonation. I'll spilt the 5 gal. between bottles and keg. 2 1/2 gal. for bottling. Just split the recommended priming sugar amount in half prior to bottling. 2 1/2 gal. in corni...
  5. Hose

    Counter pressure bottle filler

    Has anyone been using a counter pressure bottle filler to move your beer from a keg to the bottle? I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.
  6. Hose

    Lid on or lid off?

    As an extract brewer I have been boiling the wort with the lid off of my kettle. However, I was just reading "Brew Chem 101" and Janson recommends leaving the lid on, however cracked a few inches. I'm curious, how many folks are going topless and how many go top-on? Thanks.
  7. Hose

    Mellowing with age

    Back in June (the 10th to be exact) I kegged an extract Belgian Blonde that came in at 7% ABV. Aged it in the fridge for 30 days before enjoying the fruits of my labor. At first, the taste offered a strong fruit taste in the background. However now, the Blonde has really mellowed and become...
  8. Hose

    Specific Gravity

    Lately I have started straining the Brown Porter wort as it is poured from my boil pot to the primary. The strainer has a fine stainless mesh to it. When the SG is checked after the strain it is falling short of the extract recipe SG number. Do you think that too much of the "heavier" wort is...
  9. Hose

    buying first keg

    Any advantages or disadvantages when comparing a pin lock vs ball lock keg?
  10. Hose

    Advise on how to deal with a "blonde"

    Getting ready to work on a little Blonde this weekend. Looking for advice on how much honey and at what point in the boil it should be added. Striving for just a hint of that sweet taste in the background. My ingredients are as follows- Extract 5 gals. 60 minute boil 5 lbs. Extra light dry...
  11. Hose

    Final Gravity

    I just bottled an Irish Red Ale yesterday and the numbers played out like this. Measured OG 1.048 Measured FG 1.019 Recipe FG 1.014. Do these numbers indicate that fermentation stopped early? Thanks,
  12. Hose

    Oven bottle sanitizing

    Does anyone use the oven to sanitize their bottles? If so, any suggestions or warnings. Thanks.
  13. Hose

    moving a full carboy "safely" !

    A full carboy must weigh in around 35 lbs. It's not an easy task to lift one and move it safely. Does anyone have experience with the carboy black canvas bags I see online? Other simple suggested appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hose

    to stir or not to stir

    After adding the beer to the priming sugar solution (in the bottling bucket) do you stir? Thanks.
  15. Hose

    Transporting an ale

    Does anyone see any problems to transport newly bottled ale about seven hours in my car? Then letting it continue to age in the bottle.
  16. Hose

    First Batch

    Yesterday my wife and I bottled our first batch. An Irish stout. Had a small sip (couldn't resist), and it tasted good. Thanks everyone who helped with getting us started.
  17. Hose

    Primary fermentation

    Would leaving the wort in the primary fermentor for 12 days be too long? Noticeable bubbling in the fermentation lock did not begin for 72 hours. Today is day 6, still a lot of bubbles coming through the lock. Type beer is an Irish Stout.
  18. Hose

    3 piece fermentation lock

    Today is my first brew. All seems to have gone far. One simple question. I'm using a 3 piece fermentation lock. This will sound stupid but here goes, after filling 1/2 with water, then putting the small cup (upside down) in the lock, do I put the top cap on or leave it off? Thanks
  19. Hose

    mixing spoon

    Getting ready to make a go at my first brew, an Oatmeal Stout. Do you see a problem with using a older kitchen spoon for stirring if it's cleaned well? Thanks