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    Did I add too much chalk?

    I'm doing an AG porter recipe. Historically, I have been dissatisfied with my porters - they come out thin, and a bit acidic. Some research suggested that my issue may be mash pH, so I bought so pH strips and some chalk. I measured my mash pH using the strips and it was in the 4.9 range, so I...
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    Python Recipe Creator

    Hello all! I've thrown together a simple recipe creator using python that satisfies my preferred work flow: using vim and command-line utilities. The input is a human-readable text file (I arbitrarily use a .conf extension) and the output is directly to the command-line, though you can redirect...
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    Too Much Chocolate Malt?

    For a porter, I got a grain bill with ~9.5% chocolate malt by weight, as well as ~10.5% homemade brown malt. I calculated the amount of malt needed using the methods described in Designing Great Beers, and got the chocolate malt provided 7.5% of my gravity points. My question is, will such a...
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    Relay Wiring Question;PdsSession=31055fba1350a0276c561db6fff49090?itemId=300620508416&cmd=VIDESC I purchased the linked ssr and set it up to switch my 5500W 240V heating element on/off. I've got a PWM signal going to the control pins, with a variable duty cycle adjustable via...
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    220V 40A SSR and Heat Sink

    I'm looking at using one of these for a pwm circuit that I'll be using in an electric build. I have a few questions: 1) Where is a good brick & mortar to source these from? If not, what's a good online source, i.e. one I could also buy the rest of my electrical components from so that I could...
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    Secondary in keg and carbing

    So I've been doing some searching on this to no avail. I racked to secondary in a corny today in order to free up my fermentation vessel for my next brew. My question is: is it ok to go ahead and "set and forget" the co2 at this point so that it'll definitely be carbed in a few weeks when it's...
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    is my auto-siphon broken?

    I accidently poked it down into garbage disposal to stand it upright as I was doing something. I guess when I yanked it out this piece came off. It went for a ride when I went to turn on the disposal a few days later, but it doesn't look too bad for it. My concern is that even though I can slide...
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    2 x 10,000 btus enough?

    I got this weird, two burner propane stovetop from my FIL that throws out 10,000 btus per burner. I think my pot will fit comfortably across both burners (on my way home to check) , but I wonder if this stove will put out enough juice for a nice boil. I'll be doing 5 gallon batches in my 10...
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    Amber Ale: help needed

    So I tried a locally brewed amber ale called Raleigh Red and was just blown away by its smoothness and deliciousness. It was sweet up front with a slight hoppiness near the end that was just beautiful. I read up the bjcp guidelines for the style and the description is dead-on to what I tasted...
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    My Tastings

    So, I'm new to the craft beer/homebrew scene. I decided I need to expand my knowledge of how different styles taste, so I went to Total Wine today and did a sixy of a bunch of different stuff. I will continue to update this post and I pop the top on these bad boys. I don't know a whole lot about...
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    Need Advice on Aluminum Pot [pictures]

    I bought a 10 gallon Aluminum pot and was planning on using it on my stovetop (regardless of how long it took to get to a boil) until I did a test run today (trying to build up the oxide layer on the pot). First thing I noticed was that I had to straddle the pot against two burners. That's ok...
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    Another Thermometer Question

    I got an el cheapo thermometer from Target that I'm planning on using during an AG batch (first one with my own equipment). I'm using it now to measure water temp for a batch of pizza dough I'm making, so I decided to check its calibration. Dunked it in an ice bath and it was a bit high, so I...
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    Strike Water Siphon question

    So I'm trying to get my AG setup complete for as cheap as possible, for starters. I gota 10 gallon aluminum pot on the way, and I plan on purchasing a 10 gallon cooler to use as a mash tun. Some people recommend spending the mash tun money on a wort chiller and doing BIAB, but I'm not so sure if...
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    Bayou Classic 32 qt Tamale Thing

    Is 32 qts large enough for doing 5 gallon all-grain batches. I've heard that the 7.5 gal turkey fryers are 'borderline' and that I'd have to 'watch it like a hawk'. I'm wondering if the extra 1/2 gallon will help all that much. I ask because the price is right at $35, as I'm seeing these 30 qt...
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    where are you?

    Ok, so I went to the big GRABASS event last Saturday and hung out with a bunch of cool guys. I used this one dudes mash tun (not trying to drop names, privacy and all that) who brews a whole lot but doesn't have anyone to drink all his brews! "That's fine" says I, "me and my bros will help you...
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    Checking Gravity

    How long am I supposed to let it sit before I open er up and check the gravity?
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    My First Brew

    I brewed my first beer last saturday! With the help of GRABASS, my local homebrew crew, I was able to do so with nothing more than a bunch a grains, a fermenter, and a can-do attitude. I'm trying to replicate a Porter from a local brewery that I quite enjoy. Got an ingredient list from the...
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    how do you guys pronounce this in your head when you read it? Mine goes a little something like 'schwimboe' ezziey
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    Catastrophe (sorta)

    So some of you may recall that I joined up on hbt back in mid-December, because I was trying to set up a kegerator for a commercial brew that I love. Well, got it set up, bought the brew on about Dec. 18'th or some such. Last Wednesday, the keg ran dry. This is a catastrophe for me because it...
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    Porter Temp?

    I have a commercial porter on tap that I feel I have too cold. When I let it warm up the flavour just bursts out of my mouth, but at the ~43F that it comes out it just tastes like cold carbonated water. I've read, though, that the warmer you store your beer, the shorter the shelf-life. I need...