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    Imperial definition question

    Yes, that may have been the original popular understanding. But as I mentioned before, in this particular style a distinction has been emerging for some time among many of the craft brewers. Where a Double IPA meant "IIPA", there are now more of the "experts/professionals" making a distinction...
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    Imperial definition question

    There is, however, a growing trend among craft brewers to distinguish between a Double IPA and an Imperial IPA. A Double would tend towards the dryer side with little in the way of malt presence, but go bananas on hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. The Imperial, on the other hand, would be...
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    Greatest Beer Insults

    Have you noticed any missing bandaids? Because I think I found one.
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    What do advanced homebrewers ferment 10 gallon batches in?

    I use the blue 15g barrels that LHBS dispenses LME from. I have two and I got both of them for free from the LHBS. Your standard bottling bucket plastic spigot will fit the threads on the bungholes.
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    Post your infection

    No worries, bro.
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    dry hop duration question

    +1 I leave my hops in my keg and no problem with grassy flavors. I love most IPAs but can't stand it when they taste like lawn clippings. Living PA, I'm sure you could just put it in the garage, if you don't have a ferm fridge/freezer.
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    One of many moments of complete idiocy...

    You could call it Eisstein.
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    Fermentation nerves (like all rookies)

    That's called off-gassing. co2 will continue to escape after fermentation is complete. The airlock is not what tells you if your beer is fermenting. Temp change can cause the same thing. If you don't already have one, get a hydrometer. A hydrometer will tell you whether your beer is done...
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    Anyone seen yeast finish like this?

    Absolutely normal
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    Are Alternate Dry Hop Methods?

    The method I recommend for the most potent aroma and flavor is the chuckawad technique. Take 3oz of your chosen hop(s). Chuck a wad in your mouth and chew vigorously to a fine paste. Spit that into a clean bowl. Repeat until the entire 3 oz are in the bowl. Mix in an ounce of vodka to sanitize...
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    Furnace for new shop/brewery

    These two may be good options for you. 30,000 btu and 52,000 btu If cost is not a huge concern, this heater looks nice. If it was my choice and my shop, I would like this over my work area.
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    Making a Starter with Sugar Rather than DME

    Yeah, you don't want to get reported to DYS (Department of Yeast Services).
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    Furnace for new shop/brewery

    They are different heat applications. The first is forced air. It heats the air. I wouldn't worry about the air movement. You know how many of us brew in the garage with the door open and wind howling through the neighborhood? I don't think a little heater flow will do you any harm. Plus, your...
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    Hop spider love

    Just brewed a IIPA with only whole leaf. Had no problem. I use a "whirlpool" at the end, so the hops collect in the center of the kettle. I have a large wide kettle, but if you're using a keggle or something more narrow like that, it might not work as well for you. Another option is to run an...
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    I might use a gas burner inside. Is it safe?

    Because common sense isn't as common as we'd like to think. If a certain percentage of these chaps can burn down their homes using it outside, I'm sure that increases significantly using it inside. That's more of an operator competence issue, though.
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    Hop spider love

    Yeah, there are a lot of upgrades or changes to the equipment/process that you wonder afterwards why it took so long to do. I used to do hop spider, too. It made clean up a lot easier and was a lot better than other methods I'd tried. I also had a bazooka screen for quite a while that I wanted...
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    I might use a gas burner inside. Is it safe?

    If you go with a heatstick all the second guessing would really done. It would be safer for indoor use and you'd save on propane.
  18. B amazing creature, indeed

    The way I figured it, you get 2-3 pints of craft beer and you also get complementary pint(s) when you go in for a free neck trim between appointments, not to mention the scalp, neck, and hand massage. Not a bad deal really. Being that life is currently rather fast paced and intense, it's nice to...
  19. B amazing creature, indeed

    SWMBO surprised me today with a hair appointment at a men's grooming establishment. It was crazy cool and relaxing. There were sports on the multiple screens around the shop. I was served complementary beer while I waited. My pint glass was refilled before I went to my haircut. But wait. It...