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    Diagnosing a taste I don't like. Help!

    About two or three years ago I decided that I wanted to start brewing Belgians and only Belgians. I brewed them all. Dubbels, Tripels, quads, blonds, saisons etc. A few were great but most fell short. I became discouraged trying to figure out why certain beers tasted off to me to the point that...
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    Sulfer smell from bottled sour

    I bottled a blended sour a few weeks ago and I popped one tonight to check out the carbonation. I blended my batch and added Red Star Champagne yeast. It carbed nicely but the sulphur smell the Champagne yeast is throwing completely muddles the complexity. I've used this yeast to make Apfelwein...
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    Leaving a sour cake in Carboy. How long?

    Hey everyone, I bottled a sour a week and a half ago. It was fermented with ECY-20 and Id like to hold on to the cake. At this point, the cake remains in my 5 gallon Carboy, airlocked and with about an inch of beer on top. Is it too late for me to transfer to a mason jar? How long is too long...
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    Can this carboy be saved?

    My father passed away in 2006 and my mom has been slowly packing away his belongings. His hobby was relic hunting for Civil War relics with a metal detector. Years ago, he purchased this Carboy for the purpose of displaying some of his found bullets. It is way too heavy for my mom to move and...
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    Brett L starter tastes sour!!!

    Hey everyone, I posted this question to the Milk The Funk Facebook page and wanted to get a few more opinions. For the past months, I've been dabbling in all Brett beers using Brett B and Brett B Trois. I recently decided to try an all Brett beer using Brett L (White Labs strain). I built...
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    Do I need a ball valve on a chugger pump?

    Hey everyone , I'm in the process of getting my hands on a chugger pump for use only to transfer my hot sparge water into my mash tun. I use a keggle as a sparge water tank which has a 1/2 ball valve. Could I simply put 2 coupling and 2 barbs as opposed to a ball valve on one of the pump ends...
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    Windsor Ale Yeast, odd fermentation.

    I pitched a rehydrated packet of Windsor Ale yeast into a 1.059 British Bitter wort on 3/28. Fermentation started rather quickly. The ferm temp had risen higher than expected overnight and I dropped it down the next morning to about 68. Fermentation slowed considerably and the Krausen didn't...
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    Rack to secondary or not? Too late?

    I have 4-3 gallon batches of sour beer going right now. Two were started in June of 13' and the other two were started in August of 13'. I never did rack the beers because I kept reading contradictory information from people who brewed sour beers. "Leave the beer on the cake." "No...
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    Should I seperate Brett equip. from sour equip?

    I have recently started to dabble in 100% Brett beers using mostly stepped up Brett B Trois. (Great stuff!) Would it be okay to use the same siphon and hose that I've used for sour beers on my 100% Brett beers? The equipment I use for sours has had a lot of Bug County through it. My concern...
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    Bret B Trois starter method???

    I'm building up a starter for an all Brett Beer using Brett B Trois. It was started on Saturday and is currently residing on a stir plate. I've decided I will build it up twice over the next 2 weeks and pitch it. My questions is this: Should I just pitch the whole quantity of the starter...
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    Is there an ammo shortage?

    Let me explain a few things first: I own a few guns but haven't really shot them in a few years. I don't have the property, nor know anyone that will allow gun hunting or shooting on their property. I grew up in a county where only shotguns were to be used during the whitetail gun season...
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    Is Acetobacter as prolific as Brett?

    The weather in my area has been back and forth here recently. We had snow flurries last Wednesday but had to turn the AC on last night. With that said, the fruit flys are still around. Twice this fall I've had to swap out airlocks due to finding kamikaze fruit flys floating in my airlocks...
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    I'm new to ferm chambers and lag times

    In my 10 years of brewing I've never really had problems with lag times. I usually make starters in the 1.030-1.040 range and use a stir plate. I also never really had a problem keeping my beers below 72 unless it was summer in which case I would use a swamp cooler. I wanted to try my hand at...
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    Accidentally used yeast energizer in my beer.

    I forgot that I was out of my go-to Wyeast yeast nutrient during my last brew day, an I.P.A with homegrown hops. I had some LD Carlson yeast energizer lying around from mead making and used the recommended 1/2 tsp. per gallon. I figured that it would be okay but am second guessing myself because...
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    New Bern Homebrew

    If you live in or are traveling to New Bern, NC, stop by the newly open New Bern homebrew. It is off 70 across from Beer Army in the same building that once occupied Homebrew Haus.
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    Accurate Brix measurement. Which one is right?

    Brewpal tells me 5% ABV NB tell me 7.8% ABV Read on: I use Brewpal as well as Northern Brewer's refractometer calculator to measure Brix. You would think the numbers would come out the same but I'm getting two numbers. Unfortunately my...
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    Bitter aftertaste, any ideas? Tonic water like.

    I have been AG brewing for a year and a half and have never run into off flavors until recent. I have tasted a few bottles recently of two separate batches of two separate beers and am getting a similar aftertaste from both. The sips are fine off the bat, decent body and malty goodness but...
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    Stained carboy. Tried everything. Any suggestions?

    I have a 6.5 gallon carboy the I have had for 11 years. It has brewed me some great beers but getting it spotless is a pain in the A$$. Recently, I have noticed a splotchy stain that makes up roughly 1/3 of the carboy's bottom. I can see brush marks contained within the stain (Only when bottom...
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    Brett Brux WLP 650. Pitch it all?

    I am making a Saison with White Labs Saison II yeast during primary and after racking to secondary, plan on pitching my vial of 650. I have heard it is necessary to underpitch Brett. With that being said, should I pitch only half of the vial or just go ahead and dump the whole thing in? Thanks.
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    Brett Brux and bottle bombs!!!

    My interest of Brett has recently been piqued. I was wanting to try a Brett Saison, starting with 565 and racking to secondary where I would add 650 Brett Brux for a while longer. Then I got to thinking about bottle bombs. My question is, with people adding 650 at bottling or bottling Brett...