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  1. J

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Thanks for taking the time to give me an honest opinion.
  2. J

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    How does this feed work? Is it recorded for later viewing? I cant see it.
  3. J

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Please give us a review on this bad boy. Im very curious how well it works and i wonder how often i would use it. But I still want one!
  4. J

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    That is one hell of a find. 80 bucks for a limited edition weber 22" kettle. SCORE!!!
  5. J

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Where are you getting it at that price?
  6. J

    Who's smoking meat this weekend?

    Depot had lump on sale?
  7. J

    Reusing Yeast

    Another point to bring up is don't store if you are not using it frequently. Saving a slurry to sit in the fridge for 2 + months doesn't make much sense. Also for storage i use small glass mason jars leave the lid loose then place in a large thin bag and tie a loose knot in the top. Ive had one...
  8. J

    Reusing Yeast

    I re pitch all the time. I think the yeast companies put that info out there. IF your sanitation is good i dont see where infection would come from? I let it ferment out normally around 10 days rack to secondary before any dry hopping and depending on the yeast its pretty easy pickings from...
  9. J


    IT all depends on where you are. IF I order something from a company in california I dont think shipping will be as cheap as a company in my own state. You MUST take that into consideration. Rite brew in my own opinion cant be beat. Orders always ship the same day if I get it in before 10 am. On...
  10. J

    Safale US-05 and Trub

    Love this workhorse yeast. Easy to harvest and repitch. Cold crash that will help, but definately reharvest some for the next batch.
  11. J

    Need help with too much head

    Guys i have a question. So I should run 15 foot lines even if i have 2 kegs inside a fridge with picnic taps?
  12. J

    Looking for thermometer suggestions

    This one works great for me. My kettle is 16" tall so 12" gets into the mash far enough for me. I thought of a thermowell but not a fan of that with BIAB.
  13. J

    Looking for thermometer suggestions

    drill a hole in the lid and use a 12" long dial thermometer. Works for me.
  14. J

    Budweiser's "vintage" stubby bottles

    Red hook bottles are similar too.
  15. J

    I brewed today... man am I bushed!

    Im like this guy, I have to do something during the mash and boil. Although 3.5 hours start to finish including clean up isnt too bad. I dont mind the labor Though.
  16. J

    Budweiser's "vintage" stubby bottles

    You can get this stuff at costco too. I love the stuff. Lots of calories though.
  17. J

    Homemade Bread Thread

    Ive done this bread in my grill too. Great and easy to make.
  18. J

    smoking pork on a propane grill?

    Keep the grill @ 225 and shield it from direct heat. Low and slow is what you want. Apple wood goes nicley with pork shoulders. Never smoked on a gas grill myself though. Get a weber kettle u can find them for next to nothing on craigslist and you will love smoking on that thing. Best grilling...
  19. J

    Give-away - getting out of this.

    if everyone else backs out please pm me for shipping. sucks about your blood pressure.