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    Russian River on tap in Sacramento?

    Hello! I've been brewing for years, and I've been pining for Pliny for almost as long. However, I've been living in South Carolina, where nothing Russian River is to be found. However! I just moved to Sac, and I have a good feeling that I'll be able to find good NoCal beers here! I'd be...
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    Best beer stores in raleigh -- commercial beer selection, not homebrewing

    Hey all, I'll be working in Raleigh during the week for the next month or so, and I'm wondering where I should go for the best selection of local, national, and world beers. I've heard that Peace Street Market (near where I'll be working) and Team Beverage (near where I'll be staying) are...
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    Best beer stores in raleigh -- commercial beer selection, not homebrewing

    Hey all, I'll be working in Raleigh during the week for the next month or so, and I'm wondering where I should go for the best selection of local, national, and world beers. Any suggestions? (FYI, I've already found J. Betski's, which has an AMAZING selection of rare German beers. If...
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    No carbonation in bottle after six weeks -- what to do?

    Hi all, I brewed a Chimay Blue Clone (Austin Homebrew extract kit) a while back and left it in the primary fermenter for two months. I then bottled it (after adding the priming sugar) and it has been six weeks. when I popped one open yesterday (after refridgerating for two days) it had zero...
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    Where to get Pliny The Elder/Younger in Seattle/West Seatte?

    Hey everyone! I'm from South Carolina, but I'm visiting my sister (and her new baby boy!) in Seattle this week, all week. I've read about Russian River Brewing, but never tried any of their (apparently) heavenly brews. Where is a good place for me to try any of their stuff, either retail...
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    Any experience with thinking about 15.5 gl kettle for $140

    This seems like a super-low price for a steel 15.5 gallon brewpot. Anyone have any experience with these guys?
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    Bubbling in secondary after 5 weeks total?

    Hey all, I made a Pliny The Elder clone 5 weeks ago, and after 3 weeks racked to secondary with the 6.75oz (!!!) of dry-hopping hops. This morning I put the carboy up on the counter in preparation for bottling (I usually let it sit on the counter for several hours to let it settle after...
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    Best Beer Shipper for 12oz bottles -- PERFECT for competitions

    Hate using tons of bubble wrap and tape to ship your beer to competitions and/or friends? Here is your new best friend I saw them recently at a local homebrew competition, and everyone went crazy over them. The cellar master in particular loved it -- nothing to unwrap! Bottles in...
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    Looking to build a wind shield -- metal type? bending? stability?

    Hey there, I have a Banjo Burner that I like a lot, but the flame is essentially unprotected. Any slight breeze can affect the effectiveness of the flame, and a medium breeze can blow it right out. I brew outside, I should mention. I want to build a simple wind screen. It only has to...
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    How do you drink your Apfelwein?

    I have a holiday party coming up this week, and I've got 5 gallons of EdWort's Apfelwine sitting in a carboy since early October. I've read that 3 - 6 months is really needed to properly condition this monster, but I'd love to server some of it in different ways at this party. Maybe sweeten...
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    Re-using yeast after high-gravity fermentation?

    Hey all, I am in the middle of fermenting the Austin Homebrew Chimay Grande Reserve clone, and one it is done I'm going to have a bunch of used WLP500 yeast. Since it is not the cheapest yeast (especially since I pitched two vials), I was thinking about re-using it, possibly with another...
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    hydrometer vs refractometer -- who you gonna believe?

    Hello! I just bought a refractometer, and calibrated it with distilled water. I've got two different beers in carboys, one at 2 weeks and one at 3 weeks. Using the refractometer, I measured both at 9 Brix. According to this site and this other sitethat gives an SG of around 1.035...
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    Fermenting at 60 or below -- is this just slower, or also bad?

    Hey there, Quick question -- my cellar (which had been consistently at 68 all summer) is now closer to 61 or 60. Other than simply slowing fermentation, will this have negative impact on the beer? And, if this is really bad, do I have any choice other than to build a fermentation...
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    Is 1.022 considered "stuck" fermentation? what can I do about it?

    Hi there, Two weeks ago I brewed an India Pale Ale extract from Norther Brewer: Today I racked to secondary, and using both hydrometer and refractometer measured just above...
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    How to search for short terms like "PBW" on this site?

    Hey there! I know someone who swears by PBW as a great cleanser that rinses off completely. I tried to search the forums here for others' thoughts on it, but apparently the search function doesn't work on 3-letter words. Any suggestions other than starting a new thread that I'm sure has...
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    A long, slow pour into WHAT from a 22 oz bottle?

    Hey all, I've read many posts giving the advice "pour from a bottle in one slow pour, leaving that last 1/4 inch in the bottle." That's great advice, but I use 22 oz. bottles and I own 16 oz. glasses. I've found some possibilities for some pretty decent-looking glassware that could hold...
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    How do YOU make YOUR starter, and how long before brewing do YOU start?

    Hey there, There are a ton of threads about yeast where the answer is "make a starter! here's how I do it: . . ." I am probably going to take the plunge into using starters, particularly because I want to start moving up in the whole OG department. Belgian Specialty Ales here I come...
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    How can I tell if the refractometer is ATC? Do I believe the seller?

    Hello, I bought a refractometer on eBay, and in the description it said ATC (Automatic Temperature Correction or something like that). There is no indication on the case or the refractometer or the directions that this item does in fact have ATC. I asked the seller, and this is what he...
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    Source for inexpensive copper tubing?

    I have a 25' 3/8" immersion chiller that worked great for partial boils but isn't cutting it for full 5 gallon boils. I want to get 50 or 60' of 1/2" copper tubing to build a new immersion chiller, but Lowes wants over $50 for that amount. Does anyone know of an inexpensive source for the...
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    A list of ingredient variations and flavor/impact?

    Hey there. Is there a "master list" anywhere of the most popular types of grains, malts, hops, yeasts, and what characteristics each has? I'm looking for a fairly simple kind of thing structured something like this. What do y'all think? Extract Pilsen -- 1-2 sentence description/typical...