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    Lost Volume in the Mash Tun - Use more grains?

    So, I built this: And I can't wait to use it. One question, though: since the spigot is about 1/2 inch above the bottom of the cooler, I am going to lose about 16 oz. of wort per mash. Do I need to up my grain amount...
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    Munich Malt Extract

    I just got the book Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff, and it's GREAT. One oddity, however, is that many recipes call for Munich malt extract. My LHBS doesn't carry it, and I've found a few online places that have Weyermann's 100% Munich Amber LME, but for around $45 for 8.8 lbs...
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    Separating the Wort from the Hops

    Yesterday my brother and I made the biggest, hoppiest beer I've ever made. To commemorate our graduating from college and grad school, we made an IIPA with 11 OZ of hops, 8 of which were whole leaf. Lots of late hop additions, etc., made it one hell of a beer. OG: 1.085, IBU well over 120...
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    Need a name for a beer? Try this:

    I'll bet this has been posted before: My personal favorite: The Jellyfish Formerly Known As Krusty's Non-Euclidean Altbier I'm using this for all my beer names now. EDIT: This is a "Beer Name Generator" and it is hilarious.
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    Two Questions re: Yeast Starter

    (1) Do you pitch the whole volume of liquid (including yeast) OR do you decant the "beer" and pitch only the yeast cake? (2) How many days before brew day do you make your starter?
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    Fiat Tire - Extract w/steep

    From Fiat 1. a command or act of will that creates something without or as if without further effort. 2. an authoritative determination. Although this doesn't describe how I came up with this recipe, it does describe my search for a solid Fat Tire recipe. It seems like...
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    The Extract "twang" - what is it?

    In as best as can be described, what exactly do people mean by this? I've read a lot about people tasting a typical extract "twang" or "skunk" flavor, but I don't know if I understand what people mean. I don't have the space/time to do AG, but i've had many AG homebrews, and have made many...
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    Priming Sugar - by weight or by volume?

    This is one of those things that I just can't seem to get my head around. I've made about a dozen batches, but always have fits with priming because I can't seem to figure out how much sugar to use. I've checked out the Beer Recipator's Carbonation calculator, and it says I need 4.5 oz of...
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    Airlock sucking air in?

    So earlier today I commented in this thread about some strange yeast I've been using. This evening I noticed something odd in my S-airlock -- it appears to be sucking air in. I haven't seen it bubble inwards, but the "out" chamber...
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    Bad Yeast?

    I made a partial grain ESB Saturday. Brewing went great. Put 3 gallons of wort into 2 gallons of water. Stirred it around real good to aerate it. SG: 1.054. Temp: 72 degrees. Everything went peachy. I used a Wyeast 1028 London Ale Smack Pack. I smacked the pack about 4 hours before I...
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    Bucket smells like hops

    Still using the bucket (still poor), and it kinda smells like hops. I soaked it with One-Step for a week, but there is still a faint odor. What can I use to deodorize it completely? What about white vinegar? Baking soda? How much to use (i.e. 1, 2 oz/gallon?) Thank you for your help!
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    Hop Pellets and Absorbtion

    I brew partial extract boils. I don't have the capacity or funds to upgrade significantly...yet. I am somewhat new and use pellets and boil them with the partial. I have noticed that the pellets absorb a lot of the wort. Obviously, I don't want all those hops in the fermenter, so I filter...
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    Longevity of LME?

    I bought 33lb LME in bulk for my next 5-6 batches; how long will it last?