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    Prepping oak for secondary

    If you are going with raw wood, you will want to clean it well and you'd probably want to toast it. Most homebrew shops have a nice selection of different toasts already made for you.
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    Prepping oak for secondary

    Avoid boiling as that can cause harsh tannin extraction. Heat the oak in some water up to 150 (I usually go to 160) for 30 min. That should take care of the bacteria. The wood flavor will come from the selection of oak. Medium toasts have much more wood character, and heavy toasts present...
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    Great Divide 15th Anniversary DIPA recipe?

    I am mainly looking for ideas on the hopping schedule and oak blend. The brewery does not give out ideas. Any help is appreciated. On a related note- if anyone has a Wooden Hell recipe, that would also be helpful.
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    Surly Bender Clone?

    Anybody? <crickets>
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    Surly Bender Clone?

    Anyone have a good recipe for this? Thanks!
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    Reusing Yeast Cake

    I have reused yeast cakes with delicious results. As long as it isn't a super low gravity beer or from a beer with excessive trub (tons of pellet additions), I don't think you'll have any issues.
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    Carbonating/Conditioning with Krausening Wort

    Many people use the terms interchangeably, but yes, true kraeusening is done with actively fermenting beer.
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    Carbonating/Conditioning with Krausening Wort

    I just thought I'd mention that you can also prime with unfermented wort (i.e. don't add yeast to it). You just figure the amount you need, pull it from the kettle at the end of the boil, keep it in a jar in the fridge, and at priming time, boil for 10 min, then cool and add to bottling bucket...
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    Keg, no fridge, no problem?

    We had our kegs at ambient temp in the basement for a while (prob 65 degrees). The beer coming out was great, but lost too much CO2 in the transfer to bottles, causing undercarbonation. But it was just fine for serving.
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    New fermentation chamber build

    An 8,000 or 9,000 btu portable A/c unit would do the trick, right? I have access to either for a low price, so I am thinking of using them instead of a window unit (that way all the noise is contained in the well-insulated cabinet). They have tubes to dump moisture that I would have to seal...
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    Freezer Conversion Question

    Good point. My other option is a portable a/c unit that I can get on the cheap. Anyone know if 9000 btu would be enough (with a temp controller) to get a well-insulated cabinet down to 35 or so degrees?
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    Caps -- To Sanitize, or Not to Sanitize?

    I have experienced that, but lately I noticed that it was only on caps that were extra. Caps we sanitized and then had to dry and use again developed the brown spots. Our solution was just to pop in a handful and replenish as you bottle, so they don't sit in the solution for as long, and we...
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    Brewing with coffee

    Here's a method we used- Make a pitcher of extra-strong cold-press coffee to be ready about the time you are bottling/ kegging. Strain out the grounds, and boil the amount you anticipate using (to sanitize). It no longer has the grounds, and so doesn't make it harsh. Then you can pull a sample...
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    chocolate nibs

    I've used both, and Nibs provide great Chocalate flavor. Make sure you sanitize them thoroughly, as they definitely have the ability to infect a batch. I think soaking in hard alcohol is one of the better methods.
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    Freezer Conversion Question

    This item would be from craigslist (thus at a very cheap price). I just figured a freezer would work better than a fridge for keeping kegs at the proper temperature. However, i contacted the manufacturer and they claimed that coolant lines run throughout and so no cutting should be done (they...
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    Happiness is: Home malting

    It may be boring at first, but to really test the flavor of the malt, you could use a very neutral hop during the boil. Then after sampling, you could dry hop to round out the flavor to be what you want. Or blend the final product with another batch. Whatever you decide, let us know how it turns...
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    Freezer Conversion Question

    Indeed, however the unit I am looking at is a small upright freezer. I don't know much (or anything really) about cutting into units like this, but if I got a chest freezer I would want to keep it whole. The input is appreciated. :)
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    Freezer Conversion Question

    Yeah, I am working on getting the layout of the lines. We'll see if I even end up with one. but it seems like the best way to build the cabinet I am looking for is with one of these.
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    Caps -- To Sanitize, or Not to Sanitize?

    There was another thread that discussed O2 absorbing caps. The word from the manufacturer was that they only become activated when they get wet, and it takes a while to fully activate. So sanitizing them and then bottling will not harm their ability to absorb O2 (unless you sanitize too many and...
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    Freezer Conversion Question

    I might be getting one just like this for a very cheap price. I am looking to convert it the same way people do with mini fridges (into a larger compartment). Any idea if this would work for a cabinet (well-insulated) sized about 6' x 4' x 4'? Any idea whether it would be possible to cut off the...