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  1. T_Baggins

    First attempt.

    So I am starting my first ever batch with 20 lbs of local wildflower honey and distilled water to 5 gallons. OG 1.140 at I'm guessing somewhere around less than 75F. Used K meta for insurance. I will be pitching EC-1118 tomorrow.
  2. T_Baggins

    Check my math and theory?

    First off, I want to do a very "high gravity" straight mead(just honey, no twig n berries.) I also would like to have a fairly sweet finish. My basis for this is gonna be my trusty EC-1118 and plenty of varietal wildflower honey. The idea is to get SG high enough to burn out the 1118 and leave...
  3. T_Baggins

    Watermelon woes...

    So I made a rather large batch of watermelon entirely from the juice of the melon. October 10th will be one year in the bottle (which I have never been able to wait with others) and today I pulled a bottle from storage. I think i might be disappointed? There is a small brown "patch" clung to the...
  4. T_Baggins

    Bottle carbing

    Can dry ice be used to force carb in the bottle?
  5. T_Baggins

    The new batch...

    Just started a new 15 gal batch of apple wine, with plans of jacking. THIS time I'm only using cider from my local farm. I used cambden tabs as directed and tannin as directed. I also added some energizer as directed and I only had enough nutrient for 1 serving as directed, so I split that in...
  6. T_Baggins

    Wheat paste?

    I think it should a recipe.
  7. T_Baggins

    Jacking vs hydrometer readings?

    I guess I'll start by saying I believe a hydrometer reading shows the available amount of sugar in the must? Does this explain why jacked wines show very little or no change in reading? I had 3 gals of strawberry rhino fart, I whipped it etc and can't get the smell out. A bit of the strawberry...
  8. T_Baggins

    Simple Apple Jack.

    2 Gals Apple cider (I used Louisburg because the Rees store was closed) 10 cans Old Orchard concentrate EC-1118 Because this will jacked, I didn't mind using the alternative cider but next time I will NOT deviate from my local provider! Cider SG was around 1.040, brought it up to...
  9. T_Baggins

    My newest Pom/Blu-berry recipe

    Here are modest beginnings of a fresh batch of Pomegranate/Blueberry! I used [email protected] oz "Simple Truth" pom juice and [email protected] oz R.D. Knudsen "Just Blue Berry" juice. 2lbs granulated cane sugar inverted in 1 1/2 cups water 1 Lipton family size "cold brew" tea bag (for tannin) 1 tsp nutrient 1/2...
  10. T_Baggins

    Kansas Relaxes brew laws!
  11. T_Baggins

    Strawberry Rhino Fart

    I'm not exactly sure it qualifies as a rhino fart cuz it's not really a sulphurous smell, but it really farging reaks. I do understand that nasty smells during fermentations are normal, but as far as dissipation... would it be more likely to dissipate during a bulk age under airlock, or just...
  12. T_Baggins

    You KNOW your a redneck...

    When a "simple strawberry strain" has you up until 1 AM creating this MacGyver rig for an emergency blow off can from a pop bottle and your siphon hose you had to cut up and your daughter's fun size toothpaste for sealant!
  13. T_Baggins

    Is cotton ok?

    I don't have a mesh bag or anything like that. Need to strain the strawberry mash. I have a fresh cotton T-shirt in a pot boiling to sterilize...will this be ok?
  14. T_Baggins

    Gray strawberry krausen?

    I have been stirring once daily, but the air here is REALLY dry this winter. I notice the krausen a little on the gray side in spots...I assume this is like any open fruit when it dries and starts turning color...and it really stinks now, no the pleasing aroma of the last few all normal?
  15. T_Baggins

    Strawberry Ejaculation!
  16. T_Baggins

    modified Keller's strawberry...

    I'm about to use a slightly modified Jack Keller's recipe for a simple strawberry... 3 lbs. fresh strawberries 2 lbs. granulated sugar 2 tsp. citric acid water to make 1 gallon wine yeast & nutrient... The only thing is I don't have straight citric acid, so will replacing it with acid...
  17. T_Baggins


    has anyone tried this as a wine flavor?
  18. T_Baggins

    Skeeter TEA?

    Here's a new idea...well, new to me... I don't particularly care for tea unless it has a little lemon and a LOT of sugar. On the other hand, I just happen to have 5 gals of SKEETER PEE ready for stabilization/sweetening. I poured a bit of unsweetened pee in a glass and added what I thought would...
  19. T_Baggins


    So I follow the "Show us your bottled wine" thread and I noticed that all the corks are pressed fully into the bottle, like flush with the glass. My corks have been set so they're about 1/4" above the glass, is this bad? I haven't had any problems yet, but I also haven't been able to keep any...
  20. T_Baggins

    A few pics of various progressions

    Here's the white grape/raspberry in secondary (center,) and apple/cherry (right) about to be oaked, A glass of the apple/cherry stolen from the wine thief...OG 1.110 FG 0.096 cleared nicely And the apple/cherry with French Med roast oak added In primary is 6 gals of skeeter...