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    trub from kolsch yeast

    i transferred my kolsch on monday. the trub was the wierdest i've ever seen. it was gray, and was like little balls instead of the thick, uniform trub i usually get. the kolsch also tastes funky. its almost like its too bitter or something, although i don't know how thats possible, and i didn't...
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    my wit question

    ok, so i transferred my wit on sasturday. it fermented for 7 days. there was still a thick head of krauesen on it, but i was curious becasue i never have issues with long fermentations. so i skimmed the krauesen and sampled it, took a reading and it was at 1.008. i figure its ok to transfer at...
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    cali ale for american wheat?

    i'm wanting to brew a summer ale that uses about 30-40% wheat. not quite a full on wheat beer, but with a lot of the characters of one. i was thinking about american hefe yeast for it, but there is none at the lhbs, so what do you think of cali ale yeast for it? sorry but the recipes not...
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    SUBTLE citrus hop

    I'm coming up with a summertime ale recipe right now, which will probably use lighter malts and lots of wheat, american hefe or cali ale yeast, and a hop combo thta will be refreshing and inviting, with a good bite, but without being bitter or calling too much attention to itself. i'm thinking...
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    wit extract recipe help

    I decided to make a wit tommorow so i picked up some stuff for it this evening. I'm doing an extract batch cause i don't have much time, and have never brewed this tyle before, or any whaet style. I grabbed 3 lb.s of extra light DME, and 3 lb.s of wheat DME that is 55% wheat. 45% barley. I was...
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    a different sort of pale ale-critique

    I'm looking to brew a very well-balanced pale ale, where the hops meet the malts perfectly, and that doesn't use any C hops. I'm bored of APA's that all taste like 2-row with cascade and centennial in them. what do you guys think of this... Mini-Mash (which I've never done, only AG and extract...
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    final four picks

    filling out my bracket right now....for me it's texas, kansas, boston college, and u conn. uconn will beat texas in the final. anyone else...
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    red truck IPA hop profile

    anybody had the red truck IPA from palisade brewery? I have to sya its one of the best IPA's i've tasted in a long time. I'd like to try to brew something similar, but i'm not sure where to go with the hop choices and at what times. It's listed as an american IPA, but i swear i taste a hybrid...
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    sanitizing wine corks

    is it necesary to sanitize corks prior to bottling? if so, how do you go about doing that?
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    rogue xs smoke ale clone

    has anyone else brewed this. transferred my buddys batch yesterday and the taster was nothing like i expected. of course i've never had the commercial version either, so i don't know what to expect. The Cali ale yeast fermented it super clean, really accentuated the 2 oz. of saaz hops used for...
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    sticke altbier

    anyone brewed a version of this, or even tasted a commercial example for that matter? i'm planning on doing a little german series of beers off some alt yeast. i'm trying to decide what three styles to brew and i must say this style sounds interesting, but i've never had it so any input would be...
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    bock class

    last night i took a class with a local brewmaster about bocks. it was really cool, 2 hours long and only 5 people ion the class. we talked a lot about the history of bock beer, which was very very interesting, and did some tasting. we started with a 'bock lite' of sorts, AKA shiner bock. well i...
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    belgian blonde ale

    i haven't foud a good recipe for this. anyone have one. i'm thinking belgain pilsner malt or belgian pale malt as the base, then some vienna, special b, aromatic, not sure what else, probably cara-vienne. then noble hops of course. i'll be using 2nd generation white labs belgian ale yeast...
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    attaching bazooka screen

    i searched for this but have found no answer. no homebrew supply website says anything about how to attach a bazooka screen to your kettle. i would like to try one of these out as an alternative to my cooler mash/lauter tun for smaller/low og batches, and if it doesnt work at least to stop the...
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    micro trading

    hey--i'd like to get together with someone who would like to trade some microbrews through the mail. i don't get the oppurtunity to try beers frm the eastern u.s. very often, so anyone out east who'd like to trade, please let me know. i have accesss to lots of beers brewed out west, so if...
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    beginner question

    my girlfriend is in the process of making her first batch of wine right now. its been in the process over a month now. it is a cabarnet franc kit from rj spangnols. according to the instructions it should be ready to bottle but it is not clearing up at all. it tastes very good for a first effort...
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    advanced homebrewing institute

    sorry i couldnt get the link in here but wanted to let people know about the seibele institute addvanced homebrewing class this summer. the class is here in durango for the second year in a row, and has some great instructors, including randy mosher. its a week long course and costs $1650. you...
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    5 best american breweries we know the craft beer segment has grown, what do you think are the five best american breweries. if its something way obscure tell us what you like about them. after a little thought and drinking (a hop rod rye--bear republic might make the list) i'll think of mine.
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    vanilla extract

    a relative gave me a vanilla porter kit over x-mas which is in the secondary right now. the kit included vanilla extract, which you add at bottling time. i've never used this in brewing before, and after reading the 2 reviews on my hbs website of this kit, i'm a little worried as both mentioned...
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    n. brewer for oat stout

    i'm working on getting rid of hops in my freezer right now, so i'm ordering supplies for two recipes where i don't need to buy hops. one is a nut brown i'm pretty confident about, the other an oatmeal stout. the grain bill is somewhat typical for the style, but i'm having trouble deciding on...