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  1. scubakevdm

    Beer keeps coming out too good

    No matter what I brew, my beer keeps coming out just a little too good. It's becoming a problem because no one can hang out and chew the fat and throw back a couple homebrews. We can't talk about anything because every time we take a sip we can't say anything except "Damn, this beer turned out...
  2. scubakevdm

    South Florida Brewers Unite!

    I noticed on another thread that there are a handful of us around this neck of the woods. Do we ever organize Homebrewtalk regional gettogethers or events?
  3. scubakevdm

    Fermenting in a keg?

    I saw these online, so i copied them. Poked holes in a couple of Cornie lids, and installed grommets and blow off tubes. It will also accept a ferm lock. Seems like a pretty good idea, but would love to hear about anyone's experience or thoughts on this method. I'm thinking about brewing a...
  4. scubakevdm

    Sweet deal on keg cooler... Got questions.

    So, I got what I believe is a sweet deal on a Continental KC50 keg cooler. I got it for $200 bucks plus some free dive trips and beer. Anyway, it seemed to be in good working order, cooled quickly, no funny noises. It is, as you can see a...
  5. scubakevdm


    I split a ten gallon batch of Irish Red Ale into two fermentors. One i pitched with 1084, the other with 2035. So I'm thinking, I was very careful to make sure I dumped the same yeast strains in each of the carboys, and I'm thinking that this was clever. I am, at this point however, beginning to...