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  1. Lodovico

    Kettle Soured Berliner Weisse

    Interested in starting another discussion from people that have tried this. I k now there are threads about it, but I would like to hear more about people's complete walk through from start to finish. I'm planning on mashing and sparging as normal, and then holding the temp in the kettle...
  2. Lodovico

    Help with Water Profile low SRM beers

    I've been wrestling with water chemistry for a while, and just when I think I've got something figured out, I read another thing that throws me off. I would love to get people's thoughts on my local water and the questions I have. Here are my tap water numbers: Calcium: 88 (ppm) Magnesium...
  3. Lodovico

    Let's talk about Hoses

    I'm looking for a recommendation on a great hose for brewing purposes. A hose that doesn't kink, can handle running high heat water through it for cleaning, and is extremely durable. Anyone have something they've actually used that fits all this criteria? I bought the hose marketed as "The...
  4. Lodovico

    Screwed up water profile: Can it be fixed?

    I just realized that I totally screwed up the water chemistry on my last brew. I was in a hurry and plugged in some wrong numbers on Palmer's spread sheet. Bottom line is that I was making a Czech Pils, shooting for a Residual Alkanlinity around -60 and ended up adding WAY TOO MUCH CaCO3...
  5. Lodovico

    Attention Homebrewing Golfers

    Ever soaked your clubs in PBW? I'm imagining it would clean them awesome to let them soak overnight. I realize it might take the paint off of the lettering and details, but I don't care. Anyone ever soak your clubs in PBW?
  6. Lodovico

    Anyone know how to calculate this?

    Hi All, I just got updated water numbers from the city and they don't have a reading for Magnesium which I know can be pretty important. I'm wondering if I give you the rest of my numbers, including total hardness, if anyone can give a rough estimate based on having all the other info...
  7. Lodovico

    Still don't get Beer Calculus IBU formula!

    Ok, I've read about 30 posts discussing this topic and I guess I still don't get it. When I compare identical recipes in Beersmith and Beer Calculus, the numbers are still way off. Both are set for 11 gallon batches and Rager formula for bitterness. I set my average boil at 12.5 gallons...
  8. Lodovico

    Course Selections for these beers

    Hello, I've been brewing for a long time, but just getting into doing beer/food dinners. I've only done a couple, and I'm looking for dish suggestions to match the home brews I have on hand at the moment. My home brews: 2 year old Flanders Red (crazy acetic and sour) Munich Helles...
  9. Lodovico

    Using my own Flanders dregs mixed with Lalvin

    I have a 16 month old Flanders Red that was bottled with Lalvin champagne yeast. Would I be able to use the dregs from a couple of these bottles and add them to the secondary of another beer or will the champagne yeast make it undesirable? I realize that it's also an old set of bugs, but the...
  10. Lodovico

    Hop variety matter for Sweet Stout??

    I'm making a chocolate/mint Sweet Stout. Since it's only a 60 minute addition and I'm not looking for any hop aroma, can I get away with using a high alpha acid hop like Chinook for this?
  11. Lodovico

    Mint Extract Experience

    I just spent an hour reading all of the Chocolate Mint recipes and ideas on this site and I have a quick question. I've determined that I'm going to use the unsweetened cocoa and a mint extract, not the leaves. So I've had great experience with Olive Nation Brand extracts, but I'm curious if...
  12. Lodovico

    Splitting 10 gallon batches

    I just got my Brew Magic system and now I'm trying to come up with creative ways to split 10 gallons and get different beers. Right now I have a smack pack of WY 2308 Munich Lager and WY 1214 Abbey Ale. So I'm thinking of doing the recipe for my Dubbel and using the Abbey yeast obviously...
  13. Lodovico

    Beer Bars Baltimore MD

    Headed to Baltimore next week. Love places that brew their own or just killer beer bars in general. Also looking for a killer bottle shop. Who's got the info?
  14. Lodovico

    Sabco Brew Magic Owners

    Getting my system in two weeks and I'm wondering if anyone is willing to PM back and forth with me or speak on the phone to answer a bunch of questions that I have. I've tried joining the Brew Magic Forum but there doesn't appear to be an ADMIN still giving permission to search the forum. I've...
  15. Lodovico

    # of standard beers at a pub

    I'm curious what you think a good number is for a standard lineup at a brew pub. We're trying to decide how many beers will be full time, always available styles. We're in a small town and i think the maximum will be 4. We should have between 8-10 total beers available at any one time. Not...
  16. Lodovico

    Sabco Brew Magic Specs???

    Hello, I have a local manufacturer that will build me a replica of the Brew Magic system if I can find all of the specs (dimensions of fittings, plumbing, electrical). I doubt this is just out there publicly, but I'm wondering where I would start? I've spent weeks researching RIMS,HERMS, and...
  17. Lodovico

    Using Keggle as MLT without recirculating

    Is it possible? I'm building a new brew rig with 3 keggles and I'd like to not mess with HERMS or RIMS. Has anyone had success holding temps with an insulated keggle MLT? Any other options, or am I forced to recirculate if I want to use a keggle?
  18. Lodovico

    Distilled Water for Bohemian Pils

    I've been reading a ton of threads on here regarding water profile for a traditional pils. Just looking for a simple answer- If someone decides not to mess with their water and just build a Pilsner water from distilled water. So if I'm going with: 1.5 qt./lb of grain 4.5 gallons of strike...
  19. Lodovico

    New Brew Pub Name

    I'm helping some folks decide the name of a new brew pub in town, and I know there are some really creative HBTers out there. It will be located in North Western PA in a town known for it's tool and die industry. It's a blue collar town for the most part. The name certainly doesn't need to...
  20. Lodovico

    Any single tier brew sculpture full walk throughs on here?

    I'm starting to think about designing a single tier system with pumps and wondering if there are any COMPLETE walk throughs on building one. I looked through the projects section and there's a lot of pictures and small descriptions, but I'm not super handy and I figure there must be some full...