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  1. brewprint

    Counting carbs

    Does anyone know of a way to calculate grams of carbs for beer? I have beersmith and that software calculates for calories but not carbs.
  2. brewprint

    Just made some ginger ale

    I did a 3 gallon batch. 6 cups dark brown sugar. .4 lbs of fresh ginger (grated with skin on in the nutri bullet) 1 large lemon (zest and juiced) 2.5 limes (zest and juiced) My entire house smelled like lemon. It was interesting to me that the ginger smells a lot like lemon. I heated the 3...
  3. brewprint

    Experimental Grapefruit

    I'm looking for information on it because it seems to be void in Beersmith. Has anyone used these? We just ordered a pound from Yakima Valley Hops.
  4. brewprint

    Best price on a kettle with tri-clad bottom

    Looking for a 12.5 or 15gallon basic, no valves kettle with tri clad. I have the concord 12.5 and it scorched some wort and warped the bottom. It was my error because I sat a ss hop spider on the bottom. All I see are pre made with valves and holes in them already. I don’t care about...
  5. brewprint

    Ohio Complete single vessel electric system

    Selling my complete single vessel electric system. Here is the link:
  6. brewprint

    Certain keg makes beer lose head

    I bought a used keg recently. I have ran 2 beers through it now. Each of the brews has a head that dissipates almost immediately after the beer is poured. The beers that I've brewed are beers that I've made other times before. There's nothing different. Is this possible? The keg was...
  7. brewprint

    Adding cilantro

    There's limited information online about adding this to a beer. I was thinking of mixing some fresh chopped with vodka and just dumping it in the beer. This beer will be a Pico De Gallo (mango, lime, cilatro) beer. I was planning on doing the lime zest the last 5 minutes of the boil...
  8. brewprint

    Whirlpool @170 bitterness?

    I was going to make an IPA and use an actual whirlpool. My plan was to lower the temp to 170 using my immersion chiller, then add whirlpool hops. The recipe was going to contain enough bittering hops and a late 5 minute addition to give me about 60 IBUs. Am I safe to say that if I add...
  9. brewprint

    Acid malt in Beersmith?

    I put in a recipe. Then I go to the mash tab. The software gives me an estimated mash pH (which is almost always right). I then select acid malt. It tells me how much to add. For instance 11oz. I then add it into my original recipe. The estimated mash pH does not change. Then the acid...
  10. brewprint

    How much are salts reducing RO pH?

    I cannot seem to find anywhere either on my PC software (beersmith) or the other calculators of how much my water pH will be reduced without adding grain and just adding salt. In other words, my RO water seems to be 6.7 pH. What will it be reduced to with 2.5 grams of each Gypsum and Calcium...
  11. brewprint

    What's a good base profile

    I decided to purchase an RO system after the water test revealed that the water where I live is terrible for brewing. Looking around on Beersmith, EZ water, and Bru'N, I'm honestly overwhelmed. What is a good base water for brewing IPAs and blonde brews? I was just thinking of using 10...
  12. brewprint

    Unbalanced water

    I've taken the step to get my water tested finally. I'm trying to figure out exactly what I need to do to get the proper pH doing full volume mashes. I put the report into the bru'n water and it says it's unbalanced. I'm lost here. Also, what is the best way to figure out what I need to do to...
  13. brewprint

    Breaker keeps breaking

    Here are some pics of the element after I took it apart. I'm not sure if water got in there or what but it looks like it may have. Possibly came in from the water side?
  14. brewprint

    pH and o2 meter options

    I thought it would be easier and less overwhelming to just post instead of searching tirelessly. What is a good option for a pH meter? Do they have to be calibrated periodically? What are some good options to raise/lower pH? How about oxygen meters? I'd like to measure the level of...
  15. brewprint

    Brewing an extra 5 gallons

    Brewing an 11 gallon batch of a Dirty Bastard clone this weekend. It is something like 35lbs of grain. I'm doing a full volume no sparge batch. Hoping to get 75% efficiency with a circulating mash. The plan after I mash out was to take the grain, split it in half, and then put it into my 12...
  16. brewprint

    Getting ready to keg a sour

    Our brew club did a barrel project for a sour. I'm very much looking forward to having this on tap. My question is about putting it in the keezer. I realize that I need to have a separate beer line dedicated to the sour beer. Also, I was just going to have a dedicated keg as well. There...
  17. brewprint

    Beersmith strike temp location

    I finally have beersmith setup to give me the correct volumes. It's set up for an electric BIAB. I cannot locate where the strike water temp is. I must just be blind. Please tell me where it's at!
  18. brewprint

    16 minutes to chill 11 gallons

    Is this acceptable? I'm down to 72 in that time with the groundwater around 50 degrees. I'm using a hydra immersion chiller and running a whirlpool. I was considering buying a duda plate chiller but I just don't believe in my mind that those will ever be fully clean.
  19. brewprint

    Question about circulation

    I finally fired up this electric BIAB. I had a question about heating up the wort. Basically what I have going on here is there is a sparge arm at the top that I run during the mash circulation at the top. After the mash, I lift the basket and attach that line to the whirlpool arm that's on...
  20. brewprint

    Beersmith shutting down making equip profile

    Each time I try to modify my equipment or make a new equipment profile the software shuts down. If I uninstall and then reinstall will all my recipes still be there?