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    Brewing stouts

    That's good to know. I typicaly drink stouts, and amber ales. Just getting started in this hobby. I figure I'll start with one of the ales to have something matured a bit sooner while waiting for one of the stouts to reach it's prime. A couple of the Stouts that I've been looking at are...
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    At home breathalyzer....?

    Had a chance a year or so ago to take part in what was called a wet lab. The local PD was putting on a training for the officers in the area. A group of us were given different amounts to drink, blew the PBT and then would rotate through a couple groups of officers to do the FST's, and finaly...
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    Brewing stouts

    Is it typically advisable to let stouts and porters age longer than the lighter beers?
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    Started getting equipment

    I'm slowly scrounging my equipment. Today I made a decent score. 3 propane burners all on one stand. Next up I'm after either a 12-15 gallon pot of a scrap keg to make one from.
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    Any reason not to go All Grain right from the start?

    Last year I was given the infamous Mr.Beer the result was definately alcohol and drikable, but making it didn't amount to much. Disolve can of goo in water let cool add yeast and wait. I wanted to let it sit longer as it was still fermenting pretty good but the seals on the "keg" failed and I...
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    Any reason not to go All Grain right from the start?

    This is looking like a rather enjoyable hobby that I'm considering. Can you give me any real reason not to go AG from the start? The additional steps don't look to be exactly rocket sience, just involve temp control more than anything.
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    Bottling F'up

    Why not pop the tops on all of them put them back in the bottleing bucket to blend back together and rebottle. May have to kick in a bit more priming solution, but at least it would be consistent.
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    New to Mr Beer

    I did their WCPA recently. Was planning to let it ferment for 2 weeks at 60-64 degrees, but the gasket at the valve let go and I had to bottle it at 9 days. I just followed the instructions with the kit, using the booster in the initial mix, and table sugar for priming. I let it sit for 2...
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    Damn Mr. Beer pissed on my floor

    got home from work today and went to take a shower. My downstairs bathroom smelled like beer, and it was running down the wall of the shower. went upstairs to the closet where Mr. Beer has been sitting, and find that the gasket around the tap is leaking, and has lost about 1/3 of the batch...
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    For the Colorado guys

    I drink a fair bit of Odell's 90 Schilling that is one of my favorites. Kahunaman, Do you go to any of the shooting and hunting forums? I use the same user name at those places. I'm a custom gun builder by trade.
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    How good is Fat Tire?

    Not an outstanding beer, but a good standby, I prefer the same company's 1554, Odell's 90 Schilling, and Newcastle to it. It sure beats any of the BMC.
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    Should I offer my hot pepper beer to my trick-or-treating neighbors?

    Premade WildFire. We used to take the rookies to the firedepartment at one of the fire schools and get them a drink Tequilla with the glass rimmed in pepper oil. Then hand them a beer chasser.
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    My uncle is convinced...

    Guessing your uncle buys Keystone or PBR by the case as well
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    For the Colorado guys

    I get down there occasionaly. I'm just in Ft. Collins more often as it's closer and when I place larger orders with my suppliers it is cheaper for me to drive to Ft. Collins and meet their truck than to have everything shipped.
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    Should I go ahead and bottle it?

    Guess I'll let it ride.
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    For the Colorado guys

    Going to be in Ft. Collins on Tuesday, and was thinking about stopping in at Hops and Berries on Remington. Is it a pretty decent place or would you pass on it? Just getting started in the hobby, and looking around. Just have a batch about halfway through with the Mr.Beer which in my opinion...
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    Should I go ahead and bottle it?

    First batch in the Mr. Beer (simplistic little POS). It's been in for a full 7 days at 60-65 degrees, I was figuring on giving it 14. I've checked on it each day and for the last 3 days the amound of foam on the top of the beer has been decreasing. This evening there is nothing on top. I...
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    Election day brew!!!

    I'll second that. Not to wish your brew ill, but it it turns out undrinkable it would have alot in common with the candidate.
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    Should I move it to a warmer room

    I wasn't going to pull it until at least 14 days. I figure I'll let it sit until then and then just keep an eye on it, when it doesn't look like any active fermentation is taking place (don't see active bubbles) I'll pull it at that point.
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    90 Shilling - Ft. Collins (Odell)

    90 Schilling would be in my top 3 or 4 favorite commercial brews. The others would be Smithwicks, Newcastle, and 1554 in no particular order depening on my mood. was handed a Coors Lite this evening and it just had no taste just carbonated water.