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    Any thoughts on John Bull Master Class Irish stout?

    I was looking at trying the John Bull Master Class Irish stout as my next brew. Has anyone tried this & if so, would you recommend it? Would everyone else agree that Nottingham would be a good yeast to use?
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    priming ratio?

    Whats the ratio or DME per gallon when bottling?
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    primary fermenters with spigots

    This may be a stupid question but you know what they say, "There are no stupid questions, only stupid people" HA! I love that. Where was I? Oh yeah....... I have some 4 gallon buckets that I got from a local bakery and would like to use them as primary fermenters for smaller batches. Is it...
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    which capper is best?

    in ya'lls opinion, which is better and why? A hand held bottle capper or a bench capper? If you go bench capper is an old cast iron a good way to go?
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    A little advice here please.

    I just finished reading "The Complete Joy of Homebrewing" and I want to try using a general recipe outlined in the book. Here is the recipe then the question follows. Recipe for 5 gallons 3-4 lbs prehopped LME 2lbs additional DME Yeast I want to make a hefeweizen, so I will be using...
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    2.5 gallon batches

    I've been reading different books on brewing, all of which have recipes and suggestions. Some books recommend that for a 5 gallon batch using 2 cans of Prehopped LME instead of a 1 can/3lbs DME ratio. My question is would it be ok to make a 2 1/2 gallon batch with only 1 can of prehopped LME and...
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    Whats a good temp for fermenting a hefe?

    I have seen all sorts of post for fermenting Hefes, but what would be the optimal range for fermenting one using White Labs Hefeweizen yeast. I could put it in my spare bathtub and let it soak in cold water and maybe get the temp to about 67F I'm assuming. Any thoughts appreciated.
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    Secondary temp

    When brewing any style beer, ale or lager, does the secondary temp need to remain the same as the primary fermentation? Thanks in advance.:confused:
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    Can I use tap water with bleach added at the proper ratio to sanitize my equipment or do I need to boil the water first before adding the bleach?