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    Brewing stouts

    Is it typically advisable to let stouts and porters age longer than the lighter beers?
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    Started getting equipment

    I'm slowly scrounging my equipment. Today I made a decent score. 3 propane burners all on one stand. Next up I'm after either a 12-15 gallon pot of a scrap keg to make one from.
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    Any reason not to go All Grain right from the start?

    This is looking like a rather enjoyable hobby that I'm considering. Can you give me any real reason not to go AG from the start? The additional steps don't look to be exactly rocket sience, just involve temp control more than anything.
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    Damn Mr. Beer pissed on my floor

    got home from work today and went to take a shower. My downstairs bathroom smelled like beer, and it was running down the wall of the shower. went upstairs to the closet where Mr. Beer has been sitting, and find that the gasket around the tap is leaking, and has lost about 1/3 of the batch...
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    For the Colorado guys

    Going to be in Ft. Collins on Tuesday, and was thinking about stopping in at Hops and Berries on Remington. Is it a pretty decent place or would you pass on it? Just getting started in the hobby, and looking around. Just have a batch about halfway through with the Mr.Beer which in my opinion...
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    Should I go ahead and bottle it?

    First batch in the Mr. Beer (simplistic little POS). It's been in for a full 7 days at 60-65 degrees, I was figuring on giving it 14. I've checked on it each day and for the last 3 days the amound of foam on the top of the beer has been decreasing. This evening there is nothing on top. I...
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    Should I move it to a warmer room

    So far things seem to be going OK with the Mr. Beer. Not really what I would call vigerous fermentation, but you can see it's working, basically smells like bread around the barrel. The room tem stays pretty constant. Thermometer in the room was showing 60.8 this morning and 63.0 this...
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    Bottles Vs. Kegs

    I'm sure this has been asked many times before, but my search-fu is weak. I'm just getting started, and I'm curious if there is any major reason to select kegs over bottles or bottles over kegs? Does the beer keep longer one way or the other, is one or the other significantly cheaper both...
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    So the journey begins

    For my 30th my parents gave me that little box that it seems like most everyone started homebrewing with the Mr. Beer. I've been thinking about trying this for a while and never got to it. Well tomorrow I'll get the first batch started and in a couple weeks we'll see if it results in anything...
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    Thinking about trying it

    I need to find another hobby that has nothing to do with my regular job, and have been thinking about trying brewing my own beer. I have no local shop to buy the regular equipment and supplies so I would be ordering it all off the net. On the other hand there was a store here in town that had...