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  1. SPR-GRN

    Brewtoad closing down

    Don't know how many of you use brewtoad for recipe storage/ideas or online calculators, but I got an email today saying they are closing down by the end of the year. Sad to see them go; thoughts? discussions?
  2. SPR-GRN

    It's Lagering time!!

    My basement got into lagering range last week and is holding steady there; starting with a Christmas spiced lager followed by a Marzen, and something else I don't know I'm just so excited; like dancing banana excited! :ban:
  3. SPR-GRN

    Autonomous cars or Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

    Alright this is a thing, it's going to happen. I want to know your thoughts. Here's how I feel on the subject.. UNDECIDED The basics: every auto manufacturer, and some other outfits (most notably Google) are working on cars that will drive themselves, park themselves, and essentially be at...
  4. SPR-GRN

    Staged E-build, looking for comments

    I've been through so many threads it isn't funny, but I think I've assembled my purchase list; comments are more than welcome. Goal: 10 gallon batches, in my basement, electric, full boil. Stage 1: E-BIAB - single vessel Keggle build #1 1.) 15.5gal Sanke keg (local scrap yard, or one...
  5. SPR-GRN

    bringing beer with me to the cabin

    Alright guys and gals, next summer I've got a trip coming up, it's a week in the Adirondacks, in a cabin, on a lake; Away from civilization, cell towers, AND electricity. I'm obviously bringing beer, but want some opinions of how I should go about it. Last year we brought a butt-load of beer in...
  6. SPR-GRN

    Looking for VT beers - Triple Bag, Heady Topper

    Hey all title says it all, I'm down in CT and I miss VT so I'm looking for some Heady topper and Triple Bag. I can offer some CT local stuff (Thomas Hooker, Relic); heck or something else; we can figure it out, I just need to get me some Heady Topper. LMK EDIT: apparently triple bag is...
  7. SPR-GRN

    My Keezer project

    I bought kegging stuff a couple years ago, but due to my transient nature (VT to Brooklyn, NY then to CT all in three years) I never used it. Then I bought a house last June and my kegging stuff continued to sit in my basement until this summer when I finally said enough is enough, and set it up...
  8. SPR-GRN

    Haven't done this in a long time...

    Yeah I pulled my second all-nighter in as many weeks, and I wasn't even brewing. I'm freaking 30 years old, this is ridiculous. We're absolutely slammed at work, so I've been putting in the extra hours (totally not worth the extra money I'm putting in Uncle Sams pocket). Got up at 5:00 am on...
  9. SPR-GRN

    Work-a-holic SMaSH

    well it's nearly 1:00 am on the East coast and I am up brewing. It's construction season so my office is pretty swamped with work (Engineering firm) I've been taking work home with me, and spending some time at night getting it done, which has really cut into my sleeping time, which then cuts...
  10. SPR-GRN

    Love my wife

    My wife doesn't like beer; however; were at a concert, lions club benefit in CT. A group called the glimmer twins is playing (stones cover band) and the amazing part; my wife, who doesn't drink anything beside a vodka based drink, she's been drinking my cider all night. Freaking amazing! She...
  11. SPR-GRN

    First Keg setup, summer is going to rock!

    Hi all, I bought my kegging equipment a while ago off a user on here (can't remember who) but I never got to use it since I was in between locations (Brooklyn, NY, Queens, NY, CT). I finally bought a house last June, but thanks to a motorcycle accident (day before closing I got T-boned by a 7...
  12. SPR-GRN

    First SMaSH -Blonde thoughts?

    I turned 30 on May 4th and a bunch of stuff happened... 1.) My brother in law bought me a grain mill - this prompted me to buy a sack of 2-Row from my LHBS :-) 2.) Around this time, I set up an informal brew school, taught a bunch of people to brew last weekend and next weekend I'll be teaching...
  13. SPR-GRN

    Recipe adjustments - Dirty Blonde (non BJCP)

    O.K. all, I got a grain mill for my birthday on Saturday and I am super excited :ban: Now I want to order massive amounts of 2-row and get to it, the issue is that my blonde recipe uses specialty malts and I'm hoping I can come up with replacements or roasting/mashing techniques that will...
  14. SPR-GRN

    So I turned 30 on May 4th..

    Have kinda been celebrating the big three-oh for a few weeks now, I have to give the back story for this to make sense. A couple months back, I dropped a hint to my wife that I would like a grain mill for my birthday, and by hint I mean a link the website where it could be ordered and which...
  15. SPR-GRN

    "Portable" E-Brew setup For work event?

    So my boss approached me about having a work-sponsored brewing event in our office; we have no stove top so I had to flex my mental muscle to figure it out.. looking for comments on my proposal. We do have a sink available to us and a commercial ice maker as we have a nearly complete kitchen (so...
  16. SPR-GRN

    Christmas Lager, comments please!

    I made a 6 gallon batch of winter lager last year, and then seperated 1 gallon to make a Christmas lager that was spicier, turns out the Christmas lager was the way to go. I'm trying to tweak the recipe more for this year, I will be making a 5 gallon batch of Christmas lager instead of a 6...
  17. SPR-GRN

    Accidental APA (7.5gal AG)

    Ok so I was putting together an APA recipe, and through an error or two on my part in ordering, I'm now making a 7.5gallon batch instead of 5gallon. I accidentally ordered 14lbs of 2-row instead of 10lbs, and then told them to put it in with my speciality grains, so there is no separating it...
  18. SPR-GRN

    HBT updated app does not open iphone 3g

    I recently updated to the newest version of HBT for my iPhone 3G Running iOS3.x and now it won't open, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, also tried rebooting phone to no avail. Please help!!
  19. SPR-GRN

    Want to keg, can't kegerate yet, please help!

    OK so recently Ive brewed 11 gallons of beer, and I've got another five to brew at weeks end. This brings to light that I NEED TO KEG! Sadly I'm in an apartment and can't tap my fridge door yet, since it ain't mine. Rather than buy a single/double tap kegerator I've decided it would be...
  20. SPR-GRN

    fast fermentation

    So I had made up an all grain dirty blonde ale recipe, and then generated a partial Mash version so I could teach my brother to brew. I decided to give the partial mash batch a try and do a double while I'm at it in hopes of having it all bottled for his bachelor party. Here's the deal. I brewed...