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  1. wolfstar

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Count me in...
  2. wolfstar

    Used BGE

    A client of mine, in lieu of cash, is giving me a large Big Green Egg in exchange for working with their dog. It has not been used in a while, but it sounds like they did things right using only the BGE charcoal and starters. Probably should not bother trying to clean it? That is a question...
  3. wolfstar

    Honey Rip Off

    Maybe the honey came off the Pratt's farm just south of the casino? That's where my honey was coming from for a while till I met a guy out in Queen Creek that has orange blossom and lavender honey...
  4. wolfstar

    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Would have a jolly good time with that chaps! Im in...
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  6. wolfstar


    If People planned out expenses for kids like they do for dogs...this would be a better world...
  7. wolfstar


    Marlo, my latest rescue. Lived for the better part of a year with a prong collar. His owner surrendered him to me after some "encouragement" on my part. he is healing well, and is a different pup now that he is not tormented by the prong collar. He is available for adoption, BTW
  8. wolfstar

    Slayer @ Hard Rock Hotel Vegas

    Third time for me...This one is special because I am going alone to Vegas...Now accepting donations for bail :-) No worries, I never have a hard time finding people to entertain :tank:
  9. wolfstar

    Slayer @ Hard Rock Hotel Vegas

    Planning on seeing Slayer at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas...
  10. wolfstar


    The latest pup to roll through my rescue, a Norwegian Elkhound that wore a prong collar for the better part of a year. his neck wounds are now healing and he will be up for adoption soon.
  11. wolfstar


    Make it savory, there is nothing wrong with a pinch of salt to make things taste better. Just like a salt lick to a deer, salt for a bland raw diet will be attractive...
  12. wolfstar


    Anecdotally, yes, they do seem to help. But I have not seen any studies that can positively confirm this. Personally, I give my pups pro-biotics, they certainly don't hurt...
  13. wolfstar


    The question is what is causing the pancreatitis... It may be worth discussing any possible underlying issues with the vet as things such as cancer, systemic infections, etc can cause pancreatitis. A bland diet is good. REALLY watch out for the fat content of the food you are feeding. High...
  14. wolfstar

    Remember when...

    Yup, I worked at one of those places when I was a teen ager...It was the very last of a dying breed in Westerly Rhode Island.
  15. wolfstar

    Do you have a beard?

    I have enough Indian blood in me that what facial hair I can grow looks like I have sarcoptic mange because it is so patchy.
  16. wolfstar

    Good head but tastes flat

    Try drinking more pineapple juice :ban::ban::ban:
  17. wolfstar

    Mold? Salvagable?

    I agree with Revvy...mold would be covering the yeast rafts, or someone can correct me if I am wrong. there is a definite separation between the white substance and the earthier colored substance. Again, correct me if I am wrong, but the krausen bubbles breaking would gently push the yeast...
  18. wolfstar


    My German Shepherd, Her name is Tyche (pronounced tykee)
  19. wolfstar

    Wanna get your mind blown?

    Guessed Fritz the cat after about 50 questions...pretty good...