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  1. e lo

    Georgia Brutus 10 3-vessel system

    I've realized that I've just stopped brewing - my last batch was more than a year ago now - and so it's time to let my gear go. Asking price is $3,000. I have a three-vessel Brutus 10 system with slight modificiations. The boil kettle is a very nice 15 gallon custom kettle from Spike Brewing...
  2. e lo

    Alabama Wired Ranco temperature controller, $65

    Cleaning out my sun room/old brewing area, and I came across the only piece of my brewery I hadn't sold yet: a wired ranco ETC111000 temperature controller. Used, but has always performed flawlessly. Keep your ales warm this winter, or keep your chest freezer kegerator at temp! Asking $65...
  3. e lo

    Has anybody sold equipment on Craigslist in Alabama?

    I'm selling all of my homebrew equipment for a variety of reasons. If I were still in Michigan, I'd stick it on Craigslist and be done with it. But that might not be the best idea in AL for legal reasons, although there are certainly shops that sell equipment here. Does anybody have any...
  4. e lo

    Selling my equipment (Birmingham, AL)

    For a variety of reasons, it's time to part with my homebrew equipment. I've got a lot, and can provide pictures upon request. Would prefer not to ship, especially larger items like the Keggle, Cornies, Kegerator and freezer. Still available: - Danby Kegerator (click for pics), 5.8 cubic feet...
  5. e lo

    Corny kegs in AL

    Looking to get back into kegging after having to sell all my gear a few years ago for a move. Hoping to buy some Cornys in or around Birmingham, AL so as to avoid big shipping charges. Ball or pin lock is fine, since I'm starting from scratch again. Thanks!
  6. e lo

    How do you keep your taps clean and mold-free?

    I've been kegging for about a year now. I really like it, although I find I drink more beer than when I was bottling ... oh well. However, I've been having trouble keeping my taps clean. I have three in my kegerator, but don't go through kegs all that quickly. That means a given tap might go a...
  7. e lo

    Just defended my PhD!

    Well, yesterday afternoon I did, anyway. 5 years of very hard work culminating in a 1 hour talk and one hour of getting grilled. Now all I have to do is finish the MD (two more years) and I'll finally be done! Time to prep for the celebratory barbecue, which will include a couple of kegs of...
  8. e lo

    Just shared one of my beers with my brewing inspiration

    A really dear friend was back in town for the weekend to deal with real estate stuff about his old house. He's one of two people who got me into brewing initially, although I didn't start until after he'd moved away. He had a summer beer party every year with 4 - 5 corny kegs of his beer on tap...
  9. e lo

    Just finished my first double header!

    Today will be my last chance to brew before I defend my thesis in June, so I figured I'd better make it count. I did my first double brew day, and it was a gas. I just finished cleaning up, and it's 7:30. Not bad for a first double day, esp. without a sculpture -- lugging sparge water out from...
  10. e lo

    FINALLY got to brew again yesterday

    Due to ridiculous time constraints of the late stages of grad school, I hadn't had the chance to brew in probably a month and a half. I guess it's a good thing that I really don't like either of the kegs of HB in my kegerator right now, or I'd be totally out of homebrew. :) Of course, I do still...
  11. e lo

    Nugget as flavor/aroma hops?

    I bought a "pound" each of a few varieties from Puterbaugh farms in the fall, and while I've made a really big dent in my Mt. Hood and a sizable dent in my Cascades, I use so little of the Nugget per batch that I've got a lot of them left. At 14% AA, I hardly use any per batch! Has anybody used...
  12. e lo

    Safety of Star San in beer?

    So, I'm finally going to post a "did I ruin my beer?" thread. Never thought I'd see the day. I brewed an ESB last weekend, and it turned out beautifully. My gravity sample was fantastic; probably the best beer I've made yet. I fermented in a dorm-style fridge for temp control purposes; it works...
  13. e lo

    Any AG recipe suggestions for this weekend's brew session?

    I'm all pumped up to brew tomorrow -- I just got my Barley Crusher in the mail on Tuesday, I cut the top off an old keg on Wednesday night, and I put together one of Lil' Sparky's hop straining contraptions, so I'm all set to try out my new gear! But I'm not quite sure what I want to brew, so...
  14. e lo

    JB Weld or JB Stik on burner?

    I picked up a keg tonight (legally!) from which to make a keggle. Unfortunately, I bought it sight unseen, and discovered afterwards that it doesn't sit stably on my turkey fryer burner. I want to add some angle iron tabs to my burner so that I can have a stable setup. I don't relish the idea of...
  15. e lo

    Can too fine of a crush hurt efficiency?

    I had a distressingly low efficiency this weekend (~50%) for reasons that are unclear. I usually hit 70-75%. I crushed the grains at my LHBS with a MaltMill they have available for customer use. I set it to the finest setting, which is what I've done in the past. However, I've never done an AG...
  16. e lo

    Any other Ann Arbor AG brewers?

    I'm curious if there are any other AG brewers here in the Ann Arbor area, and if so, what you do to your water before brewing. I've been using metabisulfite to clear out the chloramine and pH5.2 to buffer the mash, but that's it. Anyone else have any input? Thanks!
  17. e lo

    WLP300 starter taste/smell question

    First off, I'm embarrased for posting a "is this infected" question. But ... I pressure canned some wort this weekend, because I was tired of using DME for starters and grain for everything else. On Monday, I pitched a 500 ml starter from a tube of WLP300 Hefeweizen yeast. It was in the "Date...
  18. e lo

    Thermocouple or thermocouple wire source?

    Where did you DIYers who use thermocouples or thermocouple wire get yours? I find that shipping tends to be really expensive on such a little thing. Better yet -- any of you have a coil of thermocouple wire sitting around that you want to snip an end off and throw in an envelope? I'd happily...
  19. e lo

    Happy Halloween!

    Me and SWMBO at a Halloween Party last weekend. Yes, I let her dress me up as an abused Twink Sprite...
  20. e lo

    Double Bastard

    SWMBO and I were grabbing a quick pint at a joint called Ashley's here in Ann Arbor before seeing Nosferatu (with a live organist, no less) this weekend. I was planning on having an Arrogant Bastard, but saw a tap right in front of me as I sat down that was labeled "Double Bastard." I asked the...