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  1. amazinglarry

    LCD Label Tap Handle

    What was the website you bought these from? I'm looking to get one. Thanks!
  2. amazinglarry

    Over 3 weeks in the fermenter??

    You really aren't going to get an accurate read on fermentation completion without a gravity reading. Check the gravity. Also, you're going to need to rack it soon or you can get off flavors from sitting on the trub for too long. Usually at or before four weeks. All is definitely not lost.
  3. amazinglarry

    kegging a big beer

    Are you sure about this? I've never heard that ABV would affect the amount of time necessary for force carbonation.
  4. amazinglarry

    Forgot to add honey

    Well, if you want your beer to be carbonated you'll have to add some sort of sugar for bottle conditioning. You're right, there might be some oxidation issues but you'll have to weigh that against serving a flat beer.
  5. amazinglarry

    Late malt addition question

    That Midwest quote is correct. Higher gravity/increased sugar content decreases hop utilization. This is because the increased sugar content makes it harder for isomerized alpha acids to dissolve in solution. That said, is it possible to just add all the malt extract at the last 10...
  6. amazinglarry

    Looking for hops..

    Anyone know where I can get el dorado, Hallertau Blanc, Hull Melon, Mandarina Bavaria, Triskel, and Wah-iti hops for sale in the US? Or at least a reasonable site abroad.
  7. amazinglarry


    It sounds like you are going to run into a host of issues trying to first cool the wort to lager temp and then maintain a consistent temp of 50ish. I would say go for a clean american ale yeast or a hybrid beer yeast like Kolsch.
  8. amazinglarry

    Yeast not Proofing

    Hi Saramc, are you saying that yeast not foaming during proofing is a misnomer? The reason I ask is that I know with bread yeast the manufacturer specifically says if its not foaming its no good and when I've done beer using dried yeast I've always seen foaming, is wine yeast different? Also...
  9. amazinglarry

    Yeast not Proofing

    Did you have sugar or go ferm in the water? You'd only be rehydrating it otherwise.
  10. amazinglarry

    Yeast not Proofing

    Hi all, was making a mead yesterday and my yeast didn't proof (5 g D47 in 2 oz water 7g Go-Ferm). Figured it was a bad batch then did my second packet, no go. Then my third, still the same. I've never had this happen before. I find it hard to believe that three different packets of yeast that...
  11. amazinglarry

    Düsseldorf Altbier brewing

    Yeah, I would recommend 1007 as well. Pitch it cool and keep it there for the bulk of fermentation, 60 or under.
  12. amazinglarry

    Bitter Stout

    It could also be your water. If you have soft water it accentuates the bitterness into astringency territory. I have very soft water and I had this issue until I figured it out. Now I always treat my water when I am making a roasty beer. Usually just some chalk and its fine.
  13. amazinglarry

    White Labs liquid yeast starter question(s)

    You could use liquid extract but generally dried is easier for the small quantities you'll need. What you can't use is some other type of simple sugar instead of extract,like cane for instance
  14. amazinglarry

    weird first try with hydrometer

    It not very likely, generally a 3.3 can of liquid extract is going to yield a gravity of 1023 in a final volume of 5 gallons. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you based on what you posted but I can say for certain that you did not create a 1.150 OG beer based on the ingredients you...
  15. amazinglarry

    AHS Oaked Imperial Whiskey Stout - Fermentation Vessels?

    Most people use a secondary for post fermentation additions because prolonged aging (over 1 month) on top of your original trub can produce off flavors. In addition, its usually less of mess since the additions can kick up the trub or add to it with matter of their own.
  16. amazinglarry

    White Labs liquid yeast starter question(s)

    Depends on your gravity, but most likely you'll be fine without a starter for a hefeweizen. You'll be under pitching by a little but not a huge amount if your gravity is within style guidelines. For future reference, you make a starter the same way you make a beer, although you only have to...
  17. amazinglarry

    weird first try with hydrometer

    No it doesn't. First off adding a gallon of water to four gallons will have more of an affect on your gravity than 3 points. Second, temperature affects the reading of a hydrometer. You must be aware of this since you mentioned that you cooled your sample before reading, however, you might not...
  18. amazinglarry

    IPA - Late LME addition - IBU?

    Isn't this only for commercial batches though? I was under the impression that this was only applicable because it takes breweries longer to cool down their wort. Also, this is the first time I've ever heard utilization corresponding to break material. If this is true does that mean that...
  19. amazinglarry

    IPA - Late LME addition - IBU?

    OK, that makes more sense. I thought you were saying you had added extract late in a full boil which I've never heard of before. Like the others are saying, as long as your gravity remains constant your IBUs will as well.
  20. amazinglarry

    Sanitizing Bortles

    I soak my bottles over night in b-bright then dunk them in star san before I fill and cap. I don't let them dry. I have heard of some people using the dry function on their dish washer to sanitize and dry them as well. I've never personally used this but it seems like a good idea.