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  1. subwyking

    Lambic Bottling

    Hello all! I brewed a kit from Northern Brewer, Dawson's Kriek, back in September of 2012. I'm wanting to bottle it up now in regular crown cap bottles. My question is, do I need to add fresh yeast, or will the residual yeast/bugs from the 3278 Lambic blend be sufficient? Thanks Russ Sent...
  2. subwyking

    Brew Ideas

    I'm looking for some long-term beer ideas. I'm going to be leaving for Afghanistan right after Christmas and won't be home until late next summer. I'm looking for a brew that I could do Thanksgiving time with my dad, and basically forget about it until I come back. I already have a Kriek that...
  3. subwyking

    Remote Hop Growing

    So, for years I've wanted to grow hops. Due to deployments/work/life I have put it off year after year. This past year the wife and I moved into a home that is perfectly set up for hop growing, without a big trellis system (that the wife feared.) Our deck's top rail sits about 15~ feet off...
  4. subwyking

    Need your ideas....

    I'm planning on using some local fruit in a beer. The fruit is very tart when not ripe, and even when ripe it is slightly tart. Anyone have any ideas what type of beer would blend well with that style of fruit?
  5. subwyking

    Goooooooo Beer!

    Malt Conditioning + 50% Wheat Malt grain bill = no need for rice hulls :mug:
  6. subwyking

    Open Fermentation Question

    I'm planning a German hefe, and would like to do an open fermentation. My paln is to do it inside the converted chest freezer I am using as a fermentation chamber. I store all my excess grain and hops inside this freezer as well. There is a small fan to circulate the air around inside the...
  7. subwyking

    My first bag of malt

    I bought my first bag of malt this weekend. I was super excited, my wife said I was smiling like an idiot. I broke it down and bagged it up in small bags, and packed it in the fermentation freezer. I'm soooo excited :D
  8. subwyking

    Pintley is awesome!!

    If you guys haven't checked it out, this site is awesome. It's like the Pandora Radio of beers. It gives you suggestions and you rate them, and based on your ratings it suggests beers for you that you might like. Even for those of you who are the biggest beer nerds, I promise you'll find...
  9. subwyking

    USS Brewtanic

    I present to you the Brewtanic. The base is a rolling work cart with a butchers block top that was purchased from Sam's Club. The burners are a two burner set that came from Bass Pro shop. And the two Boilermakers were gifts from my super-awesome SWMBO and her super-awesome dad. I just got...
  10. subwyking

    respect the zep

    I don't think that Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy gets the respect it deserves. Every time I drop the needle on it, I remember just how good it is.
  11. subwyking

    Stooopid me...

    Hello all. It's been a long time since I've posted here and it's been almost two years since the last time I brewed. I decided to get back into it. I brewed up an extract amber ale batch last night just to get my feet wet again.i pitched a healthy amount of yeast, i ran the yeast in a starter...
  12. subwyking

    Where in the world is subwyking?

    I know you all have been seriously concerned about my absense, well probably not. I have been insanely busy. Been half way around the world for a while in a lovely little place I like to call "The Sand Box". I got back a few days before Christmas, and have been busy with work school, and...
  13. subwyking

    Brewery Logo

    not a beer label, but here she is.
  14. subwyking

    Son of a B#%@#!!!!!

    so.... i blew my knee out monday. im having it scoped today. its really kind of a wierd story, but basically we were out by lincoln ne doing our water survival refresher training, and as i was climbing into the raft *POP**POP*. thats all she wrote. ill be at home for the next 2.5 weeks...
  15. subwyking

    new and improved mill

    well i wrote like a 400 word story about this thing, then accidentally hit the back button and lost it all. im not doing it again. if you have any questions ask please. i basically just reconstructed something i allready had using good tools and an improvised roller. it works very well. we...
  16. subwyking

    cleaning copper tubing

    does anyone know a method or a product that will clean the inside of a 20' piece of copper tubing that is safe for later wort contact. after rinsing well of course.
  17. subwyking

    Pre-Prohibition American Lager

    does anyone have a tried and true recipe for a pre-prohibition American lager? if so please post your recipe, tasting notes, so on. thanks.
  18. subwyking

    yeast slants

    so i have me 9 yeast slants, with yeast growing on them. the yeast has turned into a whitish film. so now do i put them in the freezer, or the fridge?
  19. subwyking


    I just downloaded Beersmith last night, and I must say that I like it better than I do Promash. I find the interface much easier to use. Anyone else got any experience with Beersmith?
  20. subwyking

    Homemade Stir Plate

    so walker mentioned this in passing in one of his posts. so i decided to look it up a bit. found a lot more information on the forums, so if your lookin thats the place to go. here is my rendition. i had an old tupperware tub layin around that had some green paint dried up in...