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  1. lamppa

    First All Grain, First Competition, First Silver

    Good for you man!!! use that passion to continue in brewing new and exciting recipes!!!
  2. lamppa

    Kegerator sanitation question

    instead of serving beer, serve sanitizing solution through the lines, out of the corney. then hook up beer and discard first 12 oz or so. easy. edit; I have 1 keg that leaks decicated to cleaning/sanitizing stuff.
  3. lamppa

    Poll: How do people aerate their wort?

    i pump mine from the BK to the fermenter, and i do it full volume. It comes out like a fire hose. I aim it from 3" above the top to the opposite corner. By the time I get it up to 6 gals the foam is coming out the top. I call that good enough. edit; before I pumpped I used to pour it back...
  4. lamppa

    Blichmann Brewmometer sucks!

    most people ruin their kettle therms from the exterior heat from the burner. the maunufactoerererer has some crap about using a heat shield under direct fire mashing or boil kettles. IMO its not accurate enough anyway.
  5. lamppa

    Tap handle idea's!

    and add a brass shell thingy on the end, that's tits.
  6. lamppa

    raisins as yeast nutrient

    i would just skip it. pitch correct amount of healthy yeast and it'll be fine. Buy the nutrient and use it next batch.
  7. lamppa

    How to count alcohol %?

    this is a great webiste with an easy abv calculator with a temp correction for hydrometer (nice for brewday testing too) the formula is correct ( OG - FG = points converted to ETOH X .131 = ABV)
  8. lamppa

    Brew stand 2.0

    explaining on paper how to weld is like using your hand to demonstrate sex. the only people who understand are those who dont need an explanation.
  9. lamppa


    this isnt an "over here" philosophy. its is the truth. just use your tap water until you get a water report and understand how the chemistry effects the whole schbang.
  10. lamppa

    Pours Foamy...

    dude you just said the beers at 2.5 volumes pour fine. I cant serve any beer at 20psi without solid foam and I have 10' lines. My abbey beers have a ton of foam, must be due to yeast protiens or some ****, I have to purge those kegs down to 13 psi to sreve. abbey yeast, 3.0 volumes, 10 feet...
  11. lamppa

    Fermenting at higher temps

    who said anything about a headache? way to follow the OP retard. :off:
  12. lamppa

    Never dump your beer!!! Patience IS a virtue!!! Time heals all things, even beer!

    yeah, bottle conditioning will fix anything. Very little info and we can just jump to this conclusion. Must be good advise.
  13. lamppa

    So 57ibu is considered low hops?

    its all about the malt profile, ABV, residual sugar, etc etc. a dry, low malt beer with OG 1.036 FG 1.005 and IBU of 35 would be plenty bitter. OTOH a big beer with toms of malt profile OG 1.080 FG 1.020 and 70 IBU would be a nice drinkable style like DIPA
  14. lamppa

    Never dump your beer!!! Patience IS a virtue!!! Time heals all things, even beer!

    I made a batch of berliner that got fuit fly maggots in it due to open fermentation. How long should I let that age out?
  15. lamppa

    Viability of 7th Gen Yeast Slurry?

    Jamil speaks of yeast hitting its sweet spot after so many gens. Like 9 or something with one he had. I never go over 3 cuz im scared.
  16. lamppa

    Pitched too cold?

    just SLOWLY bring it up to 66. like over 2 days is fine. Too cold is way better than too hot.
  17. lamppa

    does this look normal to you???

    OH NO!!!! did you puke in there? Its ruined for sure!!! J/K looks perfect.
  18. lamppa

    money saving tips.

    this kind is super easy to tote around. i use one. Had a pyment in it for 9 months with no ill effects.
  19. lamppa

    How much should my starter attenuate?

    should be around 1.010, but it depends on the strains expected attenuation rate.
  20. lamppa

    fermenting temperature

    that yeast works just fine from 65-75. the question is, what flavors do you want to accentuate? banana is high temp, low pitching rate. clove is lower temp. I like hefe yeast at like 70.