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  1. asalisbury

    Imperial Pilsener - is fermentation stuck?

    My 5 gallon batch of imperial pilsener is now two weeks into primary. Temp is being held at ~47 degrees F. The OG was ~1.089. I used Bohemian lager yeast (Wyeast 2024) in a starter to get ~250 billion viable cells. (I know I under-pitched because ~400 billion cells are recommended.) I'm not sure...
  2. asalisbury

    Bottle conditioning temperature too low?

    I just placed my first lager into fermentation, which is within a chest freezer with a Johnson Controls thermostat. I have a bunch of one-week bottle conditioned IIPAs in there and while I have confirmed that they are sufficiently carbonated, I wanted to let the flavors meld/smoothen out for a...