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  1. couchsending

    Utah Spike 20g 3 vessel Electric System BCS

    I’ve opened my brewery so this system is just collecting dust and needs to find a new home. It’s maybe 6 years old but actually has very little use. I purchased it from someone who had never homebrewed before but clearly had too much money. He never even set it up. I purchased it in 2018 and...
  2. couchsending

    For Sale Exchillerator Brutus Pro CFC Brand New

    This came with a 20g Spike Electric system I bought a few years ago. It’s never been used. It can chill 5 gallon batches in 3 minutes but works for all the way up to 5bbl batches supposedly. More info can be found here...
  3. couchsending

    Utah Thermador 60” Exhaust Hood

    I purchased this used from someone about a year ago to use with my Spike 20g 3 Vessel Electric setup but ended up finding something that fit just a bit better into the space I have. Thermador Professional series Exhaust hood. I think this was around $2500 when it was new. Its 60” long, 34”...
  4. couchsending

    Vortex S Line Fan 6” New

    Bought this to use for ventilation on my 20g Spike Electric system. However it’s not gonna fit between the wall and the hood so I needed to go to the older Vortex design. I took this out of the box and that’s it. I believe they’re around $160 new. $100 plus actual ground shipping
  5. couchsending

    Belgian 11.2oz/330ml Bottles! Where can I find these?

    Anyone ever seen these bottles sold or know where I could buy them in bulk? Duvel is the most iconic but I have them from a few other Belgian producers as well.
  6. couchsending

    Anyone seen pH this low?

    No acetic acid that I can pick out. Been aging for 10 months I believe... bunch of dregs. Pedio will take it that low right? Properly Calibrated pH meter etc etc
  7. couchsending

    Mixed-Fermentation Sour Beer Brett Saison + Peach

    Thought I’d post a recipe/process for a mixed ferment fruited beer. I’d brewed quite a few Brett Saisons but this was my first attempt adding fruit. I entered my last two small bottles last summer into our states Homebrew comp. I think it scored a 44 and a 46. I only had two bottles and the...
  8. couchsending

    What’s the lowest you’ve seen Lacto get

    I should probably ask this on MTF but I refuse to join Facebook so here we go. What’s the lowest anyone has seen Lacto go? I took some final runnings about a week ago with the intention of making some Sauergut to use as a pH adjustment addition to a lager I’m making today. 1.030, no hops...
  9. couchsending

    Utah 2” Sight Glass, Spike Conical Leg Extensions, Stainless Hop Spiders

    2” Spike Sightglass Got it with a CF5 I bought, have no use for it. Looks newish $45 shipped Spike Conical Long Leg Extensions Came with the same conical and don’t need them. They’re the long ones. 18” $40 shipped 2 UT Bio Diesel 300 Micron Hop Spiders 6” 1 is 12” the other is 14” $45...
  10. couchsending

    Dregs for the win

    In the past I’ve always added Brett or bacteria after primary was complete. Beers have turned out great with no THP or acetic acid present. Last mixed ferment I decide to copitch 3522 with some Hill Farmstead and Jolly Pumpkin dregs I’ve been maintaining for a year or so. Took a 40...
  11. couchsending

    Coffee Water Profile?

    Sorry is this has been discussed in another thread but was wondering if anyone here is building water for their coffee. I do it for every beer and have done a little research online but can’t seem to find much. Any help/tips would be appreciated.
  12. couchsending

    Wlp030 or Wyeast 1882

    I’m really interested in these two (I think they’re the same strain). Does anyone have any on a slant or an old outdated pack?
  13. couchsending

    Domed Lid for SS Brewtech 7g

    looking for the standard 1.5” TC domed lid to put on a 7g brew bucket. I don’t want the 3” TC lid they sell as an accessory just the standard ol 1.5” which they don’t seem to offer.
  14. couchsending

    Utah Brand New Grainfather In The Box

    I thought mine had kicked the bucket after almost two years of use but I managed to re-wire a few things and get it up and running again. In haste I purchased another one and now don’t need it. It arrived two days ago and is still in the box, never opened it. $800 plus actual shipping if you...
  15. couchsending


    anyone have a used one they want to get rid of? My element just **** the bed after 75 or so brews. Thanks
  16. couchsending

    Utah Blichmann Quick Carb

    Used it three times I think. Has been sitting around collecting dust for 8 months. Works perfect. Ran PBW and Star San through it after every use. $125 plus actual UPS shipping cost
  17. couchsending

    Toppling Goliath Yeast

    I know they use different yeast for different beers but has anyone isolated the yeasts they use in hoppy beers? Do you get weird or off flavors from yeast harvested from bottles? Anyone think Sosus uses different yeast than King Sue? Sosus I grabbed from the brewery a few weeks ago have...
  18. couchsending

    Sparge Arm/Recirculation for Spike Brewing System Mash Tun

    Forgive me if this has been addressed, maybe I didn't look hard enough. About to pull the trigger on a 20g Spike Brewing Electric system. One question I have is the sparge/recirculation setup. To me it look like the Push To Connect fitting that comes with it could result in some serious...
  19. couchsending

    Adding FTSS to Stout Conical

    Has anyone attempted this? I moved my FTSS coils on my standard SS Brewtech Chronical to a permanent mount on the side just like the BME versions using the hole drill bit SS Brewtech sells... it was a little nerve racking at first but it came out great and I couldn't be happier with the setup...
  20. couchsending

    Timing Question

    First time poster here. Thanks in advance for any help. Since this is my first batch I have couple questions just to maybe confirm a few things that I can't really find a definitive answer to. Kinda went for it and spent some $$ to do my best to control as many variables as possible...