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  1. landhoney

    100% Brett Beer II

  2. landhoney

    Beer Pr0n - Sour Version

    Thanks to a fellow HBT'er who shall remain nameless, and my good friend Andy(flew them in), I am the proud owner of these: 3 -Beatification 3 - Temptation 1 -Panil Barrique 1- Freebie not pictured, but might give away the HBT'er( he or she will remain nameless, I don't want them barraged...
  3. landhoney

    What did I just buy?

    Liquid Solutions got my $10.50 out of sheer curiosity. If you go to their website, look at the 'beer wall', go down to letter 'I', and there is a beer called Item #2499, it says, " If you have been directed to this page you should already know what Item #2499 is." I don't know what it is, but I...
  4. landhoney

    De Struise vs. Me

    I'm brewing this recipe: tomorrow, and of course will be souring it up to be more like the Oerbier Reserva( which is pretty much a completely different beer ). The interesting thing is that about 4-5 months ago, I made my...
  5. landhoney

    Wine Keg?

    Old news? Not sure it has any beer applications, but its interesting:
  6. landhoney

    No excuses now - Sour in a Bucket Test

    Did the Green Arrow get your attention?;) Whether or not you can brew a sour/wild beer in a bucket has been coming up lately and I said I might give it a shot as an experiment. Today at lunch in a local sub shop they were selling 5 gallon food grade buckets* with lids for $2, so I got one...
  7. landhoney

    More upcoming VSS yeast info from Wyeast

    (Sent to Wyeast as suggestions for VSS,etc. ) My suggestions: - Fantome’s yeast/bacteria blend - Westvleteren’s yeast - Fulltime release of 3711 French Saison( whitelabs has 3 saison strains, you only have one) - Russian River Blend - Lost Abbey Blend Their response: "You...
  8. landhoney

    Headed to the Big Easy(New Orleans)

    Going for Jazz Fest this weekend. My father in law worked there with 'a major phone company' after Katrina for almost 2 years, and really came to enjoy the town. He asked us( me, my SWMBO(his daughter), his son(my bro-in-law), and sons SWMBO) whether we wanted to go to Mardi Gras or Jazzfest...
  9. landhoney

    Liquidsolutions? Make me eat my words!

    I know the don't have this( stuff, but the website is probably just not updated regularly. Why does it show they have 6? Why choose 6? Six'll never see this stuff in a six pack. I just ordered them anyway, and it let me, but...
  10. landhoney

    Pluot Beer????

    Not sure I'd have tried this if Mike T hadn't put the idea in my head, I knew Russian River had/s a pluot beer so maybe I'd have tried it anyway(mad props to Mike again though). My plan was, and still is maybe, to use plums in a plambic but I decided to add some pluots to my blackberry sour...
  11. landhoney

    Finally Brewing a Biere de Garde

    Biere de Garde(BdG) 11 lbs Pils 3 lbs Munich .75 lbs CaraVienne .0625 lbs Black Patent 1.5 Oz Fuggles @ 60 minutes Orange Peel, Lemongrass, and GOP @ 15 minutes(small amount) Primary Yeast: Wyeast Bohemian Lager at low ale temps Secondary Yeast: Brett(not sure which yet) Mash @...
  12. landhoney

    My Name on Basic Brewing Radio?

    I was woefully behind on my beer podcasts, listening today to my friend Mike's fourth 'appearance' on ( imagine my suprise to hear my name mentioned regarding the Temptation 'clone' we brewed together. A bit after the...
  13. landhoney

    Anybody Posted the new VSS's

    Ok, I will: Wyeast 2575PC Kolsch II An authentic Kolsch strain from one of Germany’s leading brewing schools. The rich flavor profile accentuates a soft malt finish. Low or no detectable diacetyl production. Will also ferment well at colder temperatures for fast lager type beers...
  14. landhoney

    My new secondary

    I didn't have any other use for it, and it was given to me free, so here it is: It's going to be a secondary vessel for my sour beers, because it would be harder to clean than glass or plastic and because its only five gallons. First up is my Leap Year Sour, which is a very pale high gravity...
  15. landhoney

    Attention Team Fortress Players!

    Not sure anyone here plays this PS3 game online, but... Please stop playing as the 'Pyro' character! I realize the makers of the game created this character, but simply running in, flaming everything, and then running away is reprehensible and 'cheap'. I refuse to play as this character...
  16. landhoney

    Homebrew Club in W.Palm/Jupiter Area?

    Hello from South Florida! I just moved back, and was wondering if there is a homebrew club in the area? Or anyone here who would be interested in joining one that I'd start in the event that there is not one already.
  17. landhoney

    Spare $150??? Drive THE Supercar(next to the Veyron ;) )

    Look for me in the papers, dead or on the run in stolen car ;) Might as well announce now, moving back to FL(W.Palm Beach). But it has its advantages, no snow and the above event at Moroso. Fairly...
  18. landhoney

    Wife's Away Brewing v2.0 Recipes

    SWMBO's away again this weekend, so its time for another multiple brew weekend. I'm not going to brew 5 again though, just 3 this time. I want to make the most of it because we're moving soon, so I won't be able to brew for 1-2 months. Here goes: 1. Saison, 3711 VSS French Saison w/ RR bugs...
  19. landhoney

    New Belgian Sugars Check out NB to buy these, I guess other places will(do?) carry them as well. Apparently, word of mouth here, they make these sugars to different specifications for different Belgian breweries. Also word of mouth, D2 from above may...
  20. landhoney


    I know, more sour stuff. :rolleyes: Don't pigeonhole me!:D I listened to this: and made my starter today, or rather called SWMBO from work and asked her to do it. From a quick search I see in a few older threads that...