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  1. lpdjshaw

    1.5" x 1" TC sight glass

    1.5" stainless steel tri-clover/tri-clamp sight glass for home brewing or wine making. 1" borosilicate glass. This is basically brand new, it may have been hooked up and had a small amount of water run through it while I was designing my home brewery. I ended up with extra parts and have 2 of...
  2. lpdjshaw

    1.5" TC sight glass, stainless steel/borosilicate glass

    1.5" stainless steel tri-clover/tri-clamp sight glass for home brewing or wine making. This is basically brand new, it may have been hooked up and had a small amount of water run through it while I was designing my home brewery. I ended up with extra parts and have 2 of these sitting around...
  3. lpdjshaw

    SS Brewtech 14 gal Brewmaster Chronical fermenter

    Awesome 14 gal fermenter with 1 1/2" triclamp fittings (this is the BME edition) and extras including: cooling system, blow off cane and casters. This is in perfect condition. Retail is $913.90 + tax and/or shipping. I'm asking $650 or best offer or $600 o/b/o without the casters - I have the...
  4. lpdjshaw

    California March 815 pump head complete wet end assembly

    This is an almost new polysulfone March 815 pump wet-end assembly, includes pump head, impeller and impeller housing. I'm just trying to consolidate my equipment so selling any extra stuff I have. Retails for $85, asking $45 shipped
  5. lpdjshaw

    California March 815-SS pumps with 6' cords and splash shields

    Two March 815 pumps with stainless steel heads and splash shields. The pumps have been used on less than a dozen brews so are in perfect condition. $220 for both, $125 for one. PM me with your zip for shipping cost.
  6. lpdjshaw

    California March pumps,pump parts,mill base,paddle,picnic tap,1/2" Blichmann valve,Brewmometer

    I am doing some modifying to my system as well as consolidating and getting rid of extra stuff I have accumulated over the years. The March 815-SS pumps are a couple years old, probably used less than 10 times. I am selling them with the splash shields and custom built switch box (the Snap Lock...
  7. lpdjshaw

    California Snaplock Type D camlock style quick connect fitting

    Genuine Type D Snaplock fittings, brand new, but no rings on the arms - total of 9 Retail is $5.65 each sell $3.50 each 1/2 male NPT X 5/8" slip ss nipples - total of 8 4 have a slightly longer nipple, all are 304 stainless. All are brand new or so very slightly used that you couldn't tell...
  8. lpdjshaw

    California Snaplock camlock style quick connect fitting with digital temperature

    This is an awesome fitting to add to your brewing system if you're using cam lock style fittings. I used this on my mash tun inlet to measure temps during recirc as well as on the exit side of my chiller to measure wort temp going into the fermenter. Over $45 in parts included: CDN digital...
  9. lpdjshaw

    California Duda Diesel 18" X 40 plate chiller with stand/handle

    This is an awesome chiller with a custom stand/carry handle with stainless hardware. The chiller is a couple years old and has only been used about 8-10 times max. I used this in combination with a Hop Rocket filled with whole hops to avoid any "chunks", always rinsed, backflushed and cleaned...
  10. lpdjshaw

    California Krome 4 1/4" chrome nipple shank

    I have 3 shanks that are in great shape. $7.50 each or all three for $20. USPS Priority shipping $7
  11. lpdjshaw

    California Sabco 15.5 gal half barrel stainless steel fermenter

    I haven't been brewing as much lately so I'm selling my 1/2 barrel fermenter. This a great way to ferment larger home brew batches, perfect for 7.5-10 gal but you can ferment up to 13 gal in there. Comes complete with try-clamps, gaskets, valves, thermometer and rotating racking arm, the only...
  12. lpdjshaw

    California Whirlpool arm pick up tube

    This is almost new, SS 5/8" OD (9/16" ID) with 1/2" NPT male threaded compression fitting. Total length is 9" so you'd have about 8 1/2" +- of length once threaded into your fitting. Could be used as a whirlpool arm or pick up tube and can be cut to a shorter length. These retail for around $35...
  13. lpdjshaw

    California 1/2" 316 stainless steel full port ball valves

    Doing some spring cleaning and modifying my set up. These valves are slightly different but both in perfect condition. $15 shipped for both.
  14. lpdjshaw

    California Type D camlock fittings

    I've got 4 leftover type D camlocks that I never used for sale. 2 are 316 and other 2 are 304. Sell all for $15 shipped, $10 local pickup in north county SD.
  15. lpdjshaw

    Single tier two pump system without swapping hoses

    Anyone have photos of their single tier two pump system that doesn't require swapping hoses during a brew session? I think I've figured out how I want to do it but thought I'd see how some of you have yours set up.
  16. lpdjshaw

    California Blichmann AutoSparge

    Works flawlessly and in perfect condition. Will ship it with a male cam lock style fitting if you want. Asking $55 shipped.
  17. lpdjshaw

    California Pre-wired March and Chugger pumps and Blichmann auto sparge

    I just got a Blichmann TOP that has a pump attached and I'm gonna go back to batch sparging so I have my dual pump setup for sale. The March pump is an 809HS 1/25 hp and the Chugger pump is 1/20 hp. The March is about 2 years old and probably has around 10 brews on in and the Chugger is about 1...
  18. lpdjshaw

    Blichmann TOP control units

    Anyone out there using just the Blichmann TOP gas control units without the tower? I know there are cheaper ways to accomplish the same thing DIY but I'm looking at the Blichmann's for a few reasons, mainly complete lack of electrical knowledge and time but also Blichmann quality.
  19. lpdjshaw

    Carboy/keg washer - why'd I wait so long

    I hate scrubbing the dried yeast/krausen out of my fermentor so much that I often just seal it up and leave it for a week or two till I can't put it off anymore. I've filled it with hot water and pbw before and let it soak overnight which makes cleaning a breeze but that's a waste of 12+ gal of...
  20. lpdjshaw

    Ferm room temp control

    I'm gonna be building a roughly 4' x 4' fermentation room with a small ac unit. I'm not planning on lagering in it, just keeping it around 65 or so during fermentations. In that case can I just rely on the ac thermostat to regulate the temp, or plug the ac unit into my controller? I'm not sure...