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    Delaware 2-keg kegerator

    For local pickup only in Northern DE: 2-corny-style keg kegerator. Dorm fridge-style tower kegerator. Includes fridge, tower, taps, and handles. Liquid lines included, but need either good cleaning (and obviously sanitation) or replacement. You'll need a CO2 tank, regulator, and CO2 lines...
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    Kenmore 8.8 Cu Ft freezer Questions

    I'm looking at buying the Kenmore 8.8 Cu Ft. chest freezer for a conversion, but wanted to know what the thing weighed. I can't find specs for that on their site, so was hoping someone else on here could help fill me in. I'm fairly certain it will fit in the back of my Subaru Forrester...
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    My DIY Hop Dryer

    My first year hops are actually producing (and quite a lot too!) so this weekend I set out to make a hop-drying aparatus. When all was said and done, I spent $35 in addition to some other materials I had laying around. Stuff I had: 1 x 4"x4"x4' Screen Door screen (unused) wood glue wood...
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    cost savings measures that you have implemented

    I started growing hops this summer and Im planning on reusing yeast for the first time in my next batch... what other cost saving measures have you implemented? I figure between those 2 I could save $10/batch or better (pending the amount of hops in a given batch) Thoughts?
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    to mulch or not to mulch

    So I've seen a lot of recommendations that you spread mulch on your hop plants, but I've also seen a lot of pictures without it... what are the reasons you'd want to use mulch? Drainage? What are the reasons not to? I currently don't have mulch on mine and one (brewers gold) of the 3 plants...
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    NB Townhall 1800 english IPA thoughts?

    Anyone brew this yet? Im considering brewing this now and then remaking it later in the summer with some of my own homegrown hops but wanted to get some feedback on it before I spend $50 ona kit.
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    Theyre here!!!

    They're here!!! My rhizomes arrived today! I ordered 1x fuggle and 1x Brewers Gold. The Brewers gold was a bit skimpy so they sent along 2... both of which have buds. Now my only problem is space- I have about 9' plot to accomodate 2 plots but need about 15 for all 3. Anyone think I would...
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    taking cooled keg out of kegerator

    I've had a coffee stout carbed and cooled in my kegerator for about 10 days. Now it turns out my stout faucet is on backorder and I want to put something else on tap in the meanwhile. If I take it out and put it in my basement (still under pressure) can the change in temp (58 in basement)...
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    external temperature display for kegerator

    Anyone have recommendations for an external temperature display for a kegerator? Id prefer something relatively small, but clearly visible.
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    I recently placed my second order with kegconnection, and with it, they earned a customer for life! My first order was rather uneventful - pretty simple, and nothing really out of the ordinary. I ordered a beer-gas tank and regulator. Everything came within a week (timely, since they're in...
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    3-gallon Ball lock keg pricing

    I've been doing a bit of research and I'm finding that 3-gallon ball lock kegs are actually more expensive than 5-gallon, even new. Why? I'm looking to 2x 3-gallon kegs to keg a winter warmer. I want to drink some this year when it's ready ~March; some next year, so I'd like to split the...
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    Setting different PSI pressures on 2 different kegs

    I've been kegging for about 6 months, and only recently started doing soda as well; I'm now encountering an issue with setting different pressures on the 2 kegs (~30 PSI on the soda keg, 10 on the beer). Since my regulator on the CO2 tank only has 1 pressure setting, this is a pain in the neck...
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    Soda in a Conry - Carbonation / PSI Q

    I've seen (repeatedly) around here the Carbonation chart for homebrew. Basically at serving temp, set the pressure to 10 PSI, walk away for a week and you're ready to drink. I've followed this method and had great success. That said, I just got done (2 weeks ago) with my first homemade soda...
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    Tips for re-attaching lid of FRC445GM

    I'm just about done with my FRC445GM kegerator, but running into one minor difficulty - the front section of the plastic top won't go down all the way. The back snapped in with ease, but the front seems to be catching on something. Does anyone have any recommendations for how to properly...
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    FRC445GM thermostat wiring

    I'm midway through converting a Frigidair FRC445GM to a kegerator, and in the process of relocating the factory thermostat, I disconnected all of the wires going into it (I was trying to see if I could remove it from the housing, which didn't go so well). The problem I face now is, I forgot to...
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    Finally getting into kegging!

    So after a 2 year sabbatical from brewing (I lived in an apartment that didn't have the space) I'm finally getting back into it. I just bought a house with plenty of room, and a nice area in the basement that should allow for a constant temperature while fermenting. I placed my first order...
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    Biggest hangover beer

    What beer gives you the biggest hang over? I seem to always be completely and utterly useless the next day after drinking Yuengling. I refuse to drink it anymore (I drink FrewBrew instead :))
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    Starting to keg - what do I need

    I'm sure this thread has been brought up before, but I did a search and couldn't find results. I'm looking at starting to keg, and from what I've found, the cheapest way is going to be going w/ a corny system. Herein lies the start of my quest for knowledge. What equipment do I need to start...
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    never realized what I had

    I never really realized how fortunate I was to have what I have for brewing equipment until last night... Last night, I had a friend over, whom I recently found out was also a homebrewer. I started brewing in my 7 gallon brew kettle about 40 minutes before he got there, and it was just getting...
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    Should I throw out the batch?

    I started a batch quite some time ago (10 months) transferred to 2ndary after about a month (very active in primary the entire time). Summer came, and I stopped brewing (I was very busy this summer) and kind of forgot about it. The primary was a 15 gallon carboy (thank you, dad) and was...