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  1. cobrawolverine

    Did you buy new or used frig and/or freezer?

    Used frig or freezer too pricey in my area. Live in the St Louis area and check CL every day. People still want $150+ on average for a frig 9+ years old. Freezers are not much better. May be time to look new and pay the premium. I wonder how many brewers buy new rather than used frig or...
  2. cobrawolverine

    Getting a frig for fermenting, questions.

    For fermentation. Mostly ales, maybe occasional lager. Many deals on craigslist to pass up. Simple standard frig, freezer on the top. Was going to get a freezer, but only have space for a stand up frig at the moment. Just getting a frig and a Johnson digital temp controller. Still...
  3. cobrawolverine

    First batch done, wheat ale came out great

    Brewed on 31 December, and after 3 weeks in fermentation, a 4 weeks of bottling, the wheat is done. Tasted one about 7 days ago, had a nasty after taste. Today, it's perfect. Addiction has started. Would not have been so easy if not for this site. Going for a brown ale next.
  4. cobrawolverine

    Bottled first batch, bottling at 66 degrees?

    Make a wheat ale, fermented for 3 weeks at 66 degrees, OG and FG are exactly what the directions called for. OG was stable for a few days. Bottled and put right back into same place where fermented, stays a steady 66 degrees. This too cold for bottling? or will it just take longer...
  5. cobrawolverine

    Ready to bottle, can it stay another week?

    Did not buy a vinator bottle rinser so was gonna get one, but LHBS is out and will not have any for a few days. Have a plain wheat ale in primary since 31 Dec. Not going to secondary. Hydrometer reading is at 1.012 and been steady for 3 days. I could go old school and rinse bottles and...
  6. cobrawolverine

    Brewing 1st batch and question on room temp

    LHBS says 70 degrees is ideal for my ale (wheat beer). My room that I plan to keep it in stays pretty constant at 65. Which I read by doing a search on here that 65 is pretty good. So 65 or 70? I know a few degrees can make a big difference.