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  1. johngottshall

    peach wine

    I racked and filtered my peach wine that I started the beginning of august this is my first time filtering I'm impressed it clears it right up here are some pics the wine was a little cloudy before filtering here are some after pics
  2. johngottshall

    2 great scores

    Got 25 lbs of peaches for .50 cents a lb and got this 54Liter Demijohn for 20.00 at a flea market so I think I did good lol started 3gallon batch of peach wine I juiced the peaches so pure juice no water a little of 3 gallon pure juice.
  3. johngottshall

    fruit press

    Craigslist finally got a good deal. Got this press today for 30.00 lives good
  4. johngottshall

    no body in watermelon wine

    I tasted my watermelon/blueberry wine when I racked to secondary no body. So I added about 25-30 golden raisins. Should I have added more or is that enough any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. johngottshall

    vinters reserve kit

    I just picked up an angel blanc kit was wondering if anyone has made this kit and if it could be altered in anyway
  6. johngottshall

    watermelon blueberry wine

    Racked this 2 gallon batch of watermelon blueberry wine today will have to rerack in a few weeks
  7. johngottshall

    fruit press

    I bought this press at a local flea market. I was wondering if the wood can be preserved with anything but I don't want to poison the fruit when I press it. Thanks in advance. John
  8. johngottshall

    wine rack

    I had wine sitting in boxes so I decided it was time to make a small rack I made it yesterday finished it today here are some pics
  9. johngottshall

    Chilean Juice

    Has anyone ever tried the juice kits is.Moscatel Alejandria (Muscat) time to order.