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  1. The Happy Mug

    A pickling question

    I've got some jalapeno plants that are ready for harvest. I'm going to pick and pickle the jalapenos. Can anyone give me some advice on pickling?
  2. The Happy Mug

    The Great Americal Beer Festival

    This IS the big one, folks. Sept 28-30, right here in glorious Denver, Colorado. Are any of you guys gonna be there?
  3. The Happy Mug

    If you like first time AG threads...

    You'll probably enjoy reading about this mess. My buddy Trever and I got together for our first all-grain batch. He provided the recipe and the grains, I provided most of the equipment. We had a great start, running over to my in-laws for my charismatic wooden spoon (I can't brew without...
  4. The Happy Mug

    What is happening to our hardware stores?

    Today, I walk into Ace Hardware. Who, of all people, appears all over the place? From cardboard cutouts to overhead signs to mid-aisle displays, Donald Trump. With a tool belt on over his $(lot of digits here) suit and a hammer in his hands. Okay, what's next? Chef Paul Prudholme for...
  5. The Happy Mug

    Something new to kill time on

    We've been over rhymes many times, but it only proves we enjoy them. Imagination is a wonderful thing, is it not? Anyway, I was recently thinking of a drinking game I used to play with friends. One of us comes up with a rhyme, as if a lyric. The next comes up with a rhyme to match, then a...
  6. The Happy Mug

    Cursed dishonest people!

    Man, what a weekend. Not this weekend, last weekend. I've got to vent. Sunday. My parents call me up. Somebody stole my dad's car from his driveway. Right from the driveway, right outside the bedroom window. Grrr, I'm mad. My parents are good people, and they don't deserve this. No...
  7. The Happy Mug

    All the new names!

    I'm gone for two weeks, and everybody goes nuts on me. It's not like we weren't all nuts before, so I guess it's all the same. Even so, plenty of new names. Dude has become the Very Un-Dude. It's the anti-dude. Repent, squares, for the anti-dude is among us! We've gone from moshing to...
  8. The Happy Mug

    Favorite lyrics

    We've been all over the rock thing, but we've yet to hit on where it counts. What are those lyrics that are just so good? We've all heard lyrics that we just love so much. You don't even need to say who sung the lyrics if you don't want to or don't know. Hell, you can just pick out a single...
  9. The Happy Mug

    Funny exam question

    I was taking an exam in my cultural anthropology course, and this gem of a question popped up: What is the name of the extended family unit among Muslims of western Bosnia? a) tarawad b) zadruga c) lambic d) weiss e) urquell I thought it was very funny.
  10. The Happy Mug

    Props to DeRoux

    Props to DeRoux for becomming our newest moderator. I didn't see a thread about this, so I figured I should start one. It's always nice to see guys who give great advice and know their stuff become mods. Congrats, man!
  11. The Happy Mug

    Anybody going to the International Mead Festival in Boulder?

    Well, my friends and I went to buy our tickets online. No good, it kept telling us it was "out of stock, cannot complete transaction". No biggie. My buddy buys us all tickets from a nearby brewpub. The next day, I get an E-mail CONFIRMING my purchases. So we're stuck with double the...
  12. The Happy Mug

    Sam Adams Chocolate Bock

    I was given a bottle of Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. Nice 1pt 9.4 fl oz bottle, with a beautiful metal emblem attached to the front. Silver plastic over the neck and cap. Really tastefully done. I've had chocolate beers before, and I once brewed a really nice chocolate porter (getting ready...
  13. The Happy Mug

    Warning to cell phone users!

    Apparently, several of the phone company databases have been hacked. My brother uses sprint, and recently his checking account got totally bombed. When we first noticed it, there were massive charges from "Sprint Wireless Service." One was $350, another $50, a bunch of $1 charges, and a...
  14. The Happy Mug

    Chimay sampler pack

    Hello everybody, I was just privelaged to getting to sample the nicely packaged Chimay set. It includes three Chimay beers, and a beautiful chimay chalice glass. All for about 11 bucks. Total bargain. My best friend brought this over. It is a nice boxed set containing three beautiful...
  15. The Happy Mug


    Okay, I just got back home and I am STOKED. I have recently quit my job so I can go to college full time. I saved up money all the past year. I'm starting my first semester on the 17th. There was an orientation and fair today, and I attended it. Great information, met some nice people, and...
  16. The Happy Mug

    Can I go gold without Paypal?

    Paypal is a joke, at least that is what I have learned from several sources, many of them close to me. I would like to sign up for gold membership, but on the sign-up screen, it says to select my preferred payment, but paypal is the ONLY box. Not to be a dick, but I would rather not use this...
  17. The Happy Mug

    Gold Piece Ale

    I am working on a nice golden ale. Something nice and enjoyable from a homebrewer's perspective, but something my BMC friends might enjoy. (Been working on them). So far, my recipe is as follows: This is a malt extract recipe. Grains (20 minute steep slightly over 150 degrees) .25 lbs...
  18. The Happy Mug

    Noisy bottle washer!

    My brass bottle washer makes a terrible shrieking noise when I use it. Anybody else have this problem, or a bottle washer that doesn't make this annoying sound?
  19. The Happy Mug

    My first real batch of WUSS.

    I've got a lot of friends that just can't handle good homebrew. In other words, anything darker that buttweiser. So, I brewed a simple batch for them, basically a pilsner style weak ale. 4 lbs light DME 2 oz sterling hops, 1 oz boil, 1/2 oz 30 mins, 1/2 oz 15 mins WL East coast ale yeast...
  20. The Happy Mug

    Green olive mead??

    My girlfriend and her mother brewed a mead seven months ago. Right now, it has this green olive smell to it. They primaried in a plastic water bottle. The guy at the brewstore tried a bit, and said it just needs more time. Anybody had any similar experiences?