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    21 year beer?

    So we are expecting our first (human baby) at the beginning of November. I'm pondering brewing a beer that we save until this little future-adult's 21st birthday....not a single bottle opened before. Other than general enormity, any thoughts recipe design?
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    Looking for something beer safe and magnetic.

    Brainstorming a project and wondering if any of the metallurgists 'round here could suggest a source for a beer safe material that will respond to rare earth magnets. Ideally, it'd be available in 1/4" rod or 3/8" ID tubing. I know some grades of stainless steel are magnetic, but also...
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    Severe overcarb and carbonic bite

    So I was reminded that I'm still pretty new to kegging after severely overcarbing a dubbel... The carbonic acid is insane, and makes it more or less undrinkable in it's current state (about 2-3 weeks in the fridge after primary... at 30 PSI). I took it out of the fridge, and have bled the...
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    floating dip tube?

    So I have ben rocking the no chill biab process and fermenting in corny kegs. It's pretty great, but I do end up with more sediment in both my primary and serving kegs (no vorlauf or cold break). I came across the Cask Widge (, and I am planning a DIY incarnation. To prototype, I...
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    Oxygenating in a corny keg fermenter

    I've been experimenting with no chill brewing with a corny keg as a fermenter and I'd like to lock in oxygenation/aeration. I've read a couple if threads on the subject but haven't seen my proposed process commented on, so here goes: 1. Rack from boil kettle to keg while hot, pressurize with...