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    Interesting Water Report

    So I've had water samples analyzed for a half-dozen locations over the past few years, and this is the first one that doesn't completely make sense to me. It looks like otherwise soft water with (effectively) baking soda added? What sort of geology would produce groundwater like this? Or is...
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    STC-1000 for Perlick Kegerator

    Wanted to check with the community to see if my plans raised any red flags with the more electricity-savvy folks. We have an old Perlick 5063ESC kegerator with an analog thermostat that I would like to override with an STC-1000. Because the compressor is plugged into a separate internal...
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    Hydroxyl apatite precipitation

    I have a situation where I am looking at using phosphoric acid to reduce the alkalinity of some pretty hard and alkaline brewing liquor (256 total alkalinity and 410 total hardness, both as CaCO3). A quick run of Mr. Brungard's Bru'n Water spreadsheet gives me the quantities I need to go from...
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    HLP Medium

    I'm curious if anyone has used HLP medium to check up on their sanitation practices. If so, was it worth the effort? Did you change anything in your sanitation routine as a result? Related, does anyone have a source for HLP medium that doesn't require getting 10 x 500g cans from Siebel...
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    Saugatuck Brew-on-Premises

    The girlfriend and I have been tasked with providing 90-100 gal. of beer for a friend's upcoming wedding, which would be a bit of a task on our 5 gal. system. So among the options we're looking at to accomplish this is Saugatuck Brewing's brew-on-premises operation, where we could...
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    Old Twiggy - thoughts?

    Just wanted to post a recipe I'm planning for the weekend to see what folks think. After trying a Yerba Mate beer a couple months back, I wanted to brew something that would showcase the earthy flavor of kukicha (twig) tea. (Wikipedia it.) That, along with my curiosity about hops-less beers...