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    Gelatin Fining in Primary and Keg?

    I recently transferred a beer from primary to keg that had been cold crashed for 40 hours and fined with gelatin. Unfortunately during the transfer, I brought some trub over from the yeast cake, now the beer is quite cloudy again. My question is, has anyone used gelatin at both primary and keg...
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    Interesting day tomorrow

    So I am attempting a partigyle to make 10 gallons of beer/wort (a wee heavy, and west coast blasterish clone). Anywho, I have a 10 gallon mash tun and a 2 gallon tun. I plan on putting a few of the grains that don't belong in a wee heavy in the 2 gallon tun for the amber clone(victory...
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    Help me decide what to brew

    I have 10 lbs of 2-row and 2 lbs of white wheat. I have Cal ale yeast(US-05 and WLP-001) and safale 04 available for use. The hops for the recipe are pretty much open I have many available. Also, I can buy additional grains at the LHBS tomorrow. Help me to develop a recipe. Obviously...
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    Grains getting into kettle

    I have grains escaping from my mash tun into the boil kettle. I vorlauf approximately a gallon before I start letting the wort flow into the kettle. My mash thickness is ~1.5 qt/lb. I start the flow slowly then increase it to a reasonable rate. Could it just be that the mill setting is too...
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    Still fermenting or infection?

    I have a beer that has been in the fermenter for nearly a month and there are still things floating on top. The temperature got pretty low around 55 after a couple weeks. Its a stout I added some ground coffee to at flame out, so it makes it difficult to see what is going on. Here is a...
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    Are these hops any good?

    So I bought some of these: What do you guys/girls think? Would they be worth trying to use? What do you think the quality of a "wet" hop would be packaged as such?
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    Best way to use wet hops

    Hi all, So I have a pound of wet cascade hops and I am trying to decide on how to best utilize them. I have read that 5-7 ounces of wet hops are equivalent to one ounce of dry hop. So that means I basically have 2-3 ounces of dried hops. My thoughts are to use some pellets for bittering. When...
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    Double Boil Ale?

    So I just thought up something. Don't know if anyone has ever tried this or if there is even a good reason for trying it. Brew a beer and let it ferment out. After fermentation, rack it off the yeast into the brewpot. Start another boil and throw some DME/LME/whatever you want into the pot...
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    Question about starter

    I made a starter Wednesday afternoon. I shook the growler about ever 30 minutes or so to get it aerated and the yeast moving. On Thursday afternoon, I placed the growler in my fridge to allow the yeast to settle out. Its Friday night and the yeast haven't really settled much. The suspension is...
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    Liquid out line clogged?

    I just kegged my newest batch last night, a coconut porter. I hooked up the CO2 and beer lines and took a sample from the tap. I noticed immediately that there was hardly any flow out of the faucet, which isn't normal. My CO2 tank still has plenty of pressure. This is a new keg I just received...
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    Need help for a PM Dunkelweizen

    I am hoping to get some feedback about what type of hops/addition and amount schedule for my dunkelweizen recipe. I have and am considering the following hops: Hallertau Mittlefruh (the obvious choice) Palisade Warrior Nugget How would it turn out if I only used Hallertau? Here is the...
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    Higher elevation = good beer?

    I had the idea the other day about brewing at high altitudes where the boiling temperature will be less. My hypothesis is that the lower temperature boil could affect the quality of the beer. Any one else have thoughts about or looked into this before?
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    How do I decrease foaming

    The first beer I pour from my kegerator is around 80% foam or more. After the first pour, the amount of foam tends to decrease significantly. Is there a way to prevent the first beer from foaming so much? My regulator is set on 10psi. I let the beer carbonate for about a week at 14-15 psi.
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    Need help with cocomon porter

    So I have brewed up my porter and it is in the primary. I want to add some toasted coconut and cinnamon to make it a holiday type beer. I don't have any experience using either coconut or cinnamon. What is a good way to use cinnamon and coconut and have the flavor retained? Also, what amounts of...
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    Sorachi Ace

    So I have read that SA can give a coconut flavor to beer but also can give off lemony flavor. I am wondering why/when these two distinctly different flavors arise. Also, I am considering brewing a coconut porter and am wondering if this hop could work well in such a recipe. If I can somehow...
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    So I just kegged my first beer last night. I transferred into the keg from the primary after 15 days. During transfer, I noticed yeast cells rising to the top and bubbles evolving from solution (in the fermentor). My final gravity is around 1.012-1.013, so I am pretty sure the fermentation was...