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    Cant stop drinking my latest beer.

    I brewed up a midwest brewing cologne kolsch the begining of september. It was in primary for about three week and in cold storage since. Carbed it up this last week and pulled a pint yesterday. Super clear, crisp, clean, and great flavor. The problem is I cant stop hitting the keg. This...
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    new grain mill - fifty pound sack suggestion.

    I just got a mill and am looking for suggestion for a 50 lb sack of grain . I brew mostly pale ales, IPA, or lighter lagers. Are some of cheaper 2 rows like rahr any good.
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    Dark Horse Brewery - Thumbs up

    This last weekend I was dropping my son off for an overnight college visit and found myself staying in a hotel in marshall,mi. Pulled out the phone to look for a place to eat, and up pops the brewery. I headed over there and noticed they had a homebrew shop, so I stopped in there first...
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    My Thermometer sucks

    Ive made a few lousy all grain batches lately. Really thin and watery, and I couldnt figure out why. My last batch I went back to extract and it was fairly decent. I tried to figure out why those AG batches sucked so much so I started reviewing my process, nothing had really changed. Then...
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    Pilsner malt + winter = DMS

    Ive decided that I cant user pilsner malt in any of the brews I do during the winter. This is the second winter I tried a recipe with pilsner malt in it a both turned out really bad. A lot of dms. I just cant get the boil vigorous enough to drive it out. Lesson learned. So now I have 10...
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    Few lessons learn in first 10 gallon batch

    Did my first 10 gallon batch and learned a few things I thought might be helpful for people making the same jump. 1. With a 60 minute mash, you need to start heating the 9 gallons of sparge water immediatly after getting the mash going. Especially when it under 30 degrees outside. 2. 10...
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    High AA% hops than before

    I just orders some willamette hops for a cream ale Im doing. Usually the come in at 5.2 AA%. These were 7.8. I plan on droping the amount I use to correct for the ibus. Will it still give me the same taste, using less of a stronger hop?
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    build water for a cream ale from distilled

    Im going to be brewing an all grain cream ale. Most of my brews to date have been either distilled water, spring water, or a combination. I think I want to try to build up some water where I know its right. Ive played around with some of the online calculators, and have got stuff "in range"...
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    blichmann tri clamp gaskets

    I dont see anywhere that these are sold, besides the ball valve gasket. I see places online that sell tri-clamp gaskets, but there are a bunch of different materials they are made from and for different uses. Will any old EPDM gasket work, or is there a specific one I should be looking for.
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    Blichmann conical first time use

    I asked for a standard fitting 14.5 gallon conical for christmas, and my great wife got me the tri-clamp version. Which is what I really wanted, but didnt want to ask for that one because it is so much more expensive. I have some grains ordered for my first 10 gallon batch and want to know...
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    Which comercial craft beer for christmas party

    My wife is in charge of picking the beer for their chrismas party. They are goin to have a keg of BMC and 3 other beers in bottles, she said I can pick one of the 3 bottled beers. It has to be something that would have more of a mass appeal than just to me. Maybe something along the lines...
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    Beer and Nueclear war

    Thought this was interesting So to everyone asking of there beer is ruined, no its not, if a beer can survive a nuecler blast, it can survive some pesky bacteria.
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    Partigyle Question

    My employer furloughed us for a few weeks toward the end of the year last year, and they plan on doing the same this year. This works great for brewing. Last year I brewed up a recipe I created that I dubbed "furlough pale ale" it turned out awesome. I have upgrade my equipment since then...
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    New Belgim beers in michigan.

    I have to say I was pretty happy when I went to the store last week and saw the big display with there beers on it. We took a trip out west last year and I drank a bunch of fat tire and ranger ipa's.
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    Help with cottonwood ENDO Ipa recipe

    I joined on of the beer of the month clubs and the Cottonwood ENDO Ipa was one of the choices. It was pretty good, and I am looking to make a clone of it. According to the website it contains: 2-row, cara, and crystal. Hops are chinook,magnum, and cascade. My attempt at the recipe is...
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    My beer of the month club beers finally came.

    My beer of the month club beers came last night. I put 1 of each in the fridge last night and will be trying one or two a night for the next couple of nights. Anybody tried any of these beers? Foothills Brewing -------- Cottonwood Endo IPA Abita Brewing Company --------...
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    Birthday Gift

    My wife got me 4 months of the beer of the month club. Im pretty excited. 2 domestic and 2 foreign beers each month. 3 of each beer. Seems like a great way to try some beer I would never have the chance to try otherwise.
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    Am I a beer snob?

    Went to my nieces weddding this weekend in kalamazoo, mi. I figured they had to be serving some tasty bells at the reception, nope, Bud or miller light. I tried not to be a beer snob, and got a bud, I could only choke down about half a glass. Tried a 7&7 that wasnt doing it either. I was...
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    Pale ale recipe with lager yeast

    Last year I made a 5 gallon batch of my Pale ale, and it turned out awesome. Ive updated my equipment and am thinking about doing a 10 gallon batch this year and ferment one with the ale yeast and another with a lager yeast, I tend to like lagers more that ales, so it seems like a good...
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    World Expo of Beer

    Im heading down tonight. Anyone else going tonight or tommorow?