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    D'Oh, Flat Stout

    1 week Primary 3 weeks Secondary 2 weeks in the bottle sneaked a peek and the first was AMAZING, rich Creamy head, incredibly smooth. then I snuck another and it was totally flat. after a few more samles I have yet to find one even close to that first one. so now it just sits for...
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    Congrats to the Cards

    hard to be mad at the Tigers, even if they were Error free for two rounds then averaged 2.5/gm in the WS. we'll be back...
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    Any good cooking forums?

    like real cooking, not just Kraft recipes? thoughts?
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    Oh my freakin' god

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    Tigers BABY!!!!

    Holy moley!!!!!!!!!:ban: :ban: :ban:
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    Mild sedative effect my arse

    soo I can't remember what the sedative chemical in HomeBrew is or why it's there and not in commercial beer, but I take exception to the idea that it's a mild sedative. EVERY time I have more than two of my Beers I end up asleep on the couch. it's not the alcohol either, my Califonia...
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    A nice crisp Hoppy Red

    So here's the deal, SWMBO and I took the kids to an indoor waterpark in Frankenmouth (Michiganders know what I'm talking about) which is a super Touresty though real German area of Michigan (formerly UberCheesy, but surprisingly getting better thanks to $100's of millions in investment). The...
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    First AG UGGHH!!!

    soooo, I'll have to amend my $8 Home Depot Conversion Thread to say that the Copper Manifold will fill up and clog during the sparge if your using Darker Malts which have been finely ground. I was gonna do this Sunday, but my stupid ass 8 month old smack pack just sat there like a lump until...
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    How many Forums have you been banned from?

    I think I;m at like 4-5 (3 Forums). I think I just get bored (they were video game forums) I would never post anything negative here or at BimmerBoard though, I need this board and I need BimmerBoard
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    FYI- heineken bottles not worth the effort

    most of you know this, but just in case. 1. They are green, search for it. 2. They now have plastic labels that are TOTALLY waterproof. Soaking them hot helps a bit, but when they cool again you're right back where you started. 3. Their head is too short for a hand capper to grab well, I...
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    Imagine seeing Miles in Osaka, Japan 1975

    Miles Davis – trumpet, organ Sonny Fortune – soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute Michael Henderson – electric bass Pete Cosey – guitar, synthi, percussion, noisy stuff Al Foster – drums Reggie Lucas – guitar Mtume – conga, percussion, water drum, rhythm box would have...
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    Crushed Pale Malt, Obliterated Choc. and Barley

    Just bought grain for the first time, the Pale 2 row looked about what I thought it'd look like, but the pound of Roasted Barley and the Pound of Choc Malt (I know, it's gonna be DAAARK) are more like a Ground than a Crush, is this right? They were ground in seperate Grinders, which I assumed...
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    Holy Moley Yeast is Expensive!!

    9 lb's assorted .99/lb $8.81 2 oz Hops @ $1.25 = $2.50 1 Wyeast Irish Ale Yeast smack Pack $7 freakin dollars. the yeast is almost half the freakin cost?!?! Thats it, I now have some Lager yeast from the pilsner still in the Secondary (not too late is it?) the bottom of the...
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    $8 Home Depot Cooler Conversion PT I

    I'm posting this here instead of DIY becuase i've never done an AG before, and I'm not sure how well (or crappy) this will work. Also I had to cut it up because there is a 4 pic limit. maybe a mod can stitch it back together if it's any use. if looks like a keeper then Mods can move it...
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    Reggie Bush is a Crappy FF RB

    because I say so
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    Lions SUCK!!!!!

    in case there was any doubt. again this year, my Lions suck
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    CO2 mini injector Anyone have any thoughts or experience? I want to get in to kegging, and the idea of this and a $15 Corny are VERY tempting. the only draw back i can think of is that you can't regulate the pressure seems like it might...
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    Dry Stout/Beersmith- 1st attempt

    EDIT: I have not actually made this, I am posting this recipe for feedback Uhhh, first attempt at both Beersmith and any recipe. also this will be my first AG. not sure how to get beersmith to give you that handy dandy report but I got this: Dry Stout II Brew Type: All Grain Date...
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    (another) Electric Turkey Fryer

    Home Depot has 3 left for $59.00 28 qt capacity (enough?) removable "liner" no drain plug or anything but even if you never used the electric part, $60 is not too bad for a 7 Gallon pot...
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    Any reason I can't use this for a go at AG?

    thinking of the link where the guy uses the cooler for the mash (tun?) it's big, plenty big, like 25 gallons. got a drain in the bottom, and it's fully insulated. I assume that the styrofoam would hold up to 150F-170F water. any thoughts?