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    Belma Hops

    Did the belma whole hop thing. DIPA was the intent. 15# two row 1#crystal 40 .5 cara pils 2 oz magnum 60 1oz belma @30 1oz belma 15 1oz Belma 10 1oz Belma 5 1oz Belma flame out 2 oz Belma secondary Came out ok, Berry'ish kinda wine/strawberry/berry aroma, same strawberry/berry/mute...
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    Blonde Ale Bombshell Blonde Ale

    Brewing this up today, but using some fresh lemon balm leaves at 5 & 15, should be good!
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    Double IPA Tits-Up Imperial IPA (3-Time Medalist - 2 Golds, 1 Silver)

    Brewin this up today, only difference using washed WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast, everything else ordered in from Midwest... lookin good so far (Boiling)
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    American Pale Ale Fdbh

    Just brewed your updated recipe, was a little low on gravity (1.054)... But I think I ended up with around 5.5 -6 gallons. Upped the 2 row to 10#, added 3 oz pure honey, and added .5# of corn sugar. Also added 7 grams of fresh rosemary @ 15 & 5 min (3.5 + 3.5 grams). Will update how it comes...
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    Pliny the Elder recipe questions

    Ok, brewed this 3 times so far and its super dank... But, why is the RR site describing the pliny as "Pliny the Elder is brewed with Amarillo, Centennial, CTZ, and Simcoe hops" ? It has been a little lighter then my homebrew pliny on the hops on tap around here so??
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    Rye of the Storm Smoked RyePA

    Just racked to a secondary and already at 1.006... 1 week and fermentation is practically done.. that's what washed WLP 001 gets you! Tasting great and smells great... like smoked ham maybe...
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    Rye of the Storm Smoked RyePA

    I crushed then smoked, then mashed straight outta the smoker... was a tad damp when mashed... but all turned out well so far.
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    Rye of the Storm Smoked RyePA

    Just brewed this today, smoked with black oak chips, and mesquite for the last 15 of two hours with about two pounds of grain. Got a 1.066 spot on, increased the cascade by .50 oz overall. Using WLP001 because its what I got... tastes great outta the kettle... Will let you know how it comes out...
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    Specialty IPA: Red IPA India Red Ale

    Yea I know, Long fly sparge (1+ hr) and a big starter of washed WLP001, mashed in at 151°. Tested using a almost new hydrometer that I trust...
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    Pellet Hops Straining

    Still using buckets for primary's so I use two buckets, with a 5 gallon sanitized paint strainer, after throwing pellets in boil. Works great. Use a 1 gallon paint strainer for dry hops, and a strainer zip tied over the racking cane. Beer has been coming out pretty clear of sludge.
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    Specialty IPA: Red IPA India Red Ale

    Just tapped into 5 gallons of this, very balanced caramel/sweeter/hoptastic thing going on. Stuck to the original recipe. Got a 1.078 SG & 1.007 FG, 9.3%. Only difference was I had to use Belgium Munich malt but was told would not make any difference?? Thanks for the nice recipe!
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    Screen printing bottles

    Any experience in screen printing?
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    What are you drinking now?

    AHS Cascadian Dark ale
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    San Diego, CA

    Also - SD Brewing, pizza ports, lightning, Breakwater, oceanside ale works, Karl, and local homebrewers if you meet any!
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    DIY Brewing stand - Ideas? Bedframes & Free stuff!

    Ok, I got a few ideas for a welded up bed frame DIY brewing frame/stand. I want to use the supplies I already have and cheap/free stuff from craigslist and minimal cost. I want a all grain setup with burners, sparge tank, kettle, and mash tun. I want to also maybe use burners off old bbq's to...
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    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    Ok, did this with 2 home-depot 10g coolers, only difference was I had to use 1" close nipples instead of the 1 1/2 on the parts list. Could not get my parts to clamp down enough with the 1 1/2 nipple. I also recommend finding all lead free brass parts. A little expensive but worth it. All home...
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    Reusing and storing yeast ??

    I want to start reusing yeast. I have 5 gallons with wlp001 in it, started from a liter starter about a week ago. Looking to transfer that to a secondary and harvest the yest for two upcoming ipa's in the next week or so. Should I just scoop it up into two separate jars and into the fridge, and...
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    DME for jamil's evil twin Yeast starter

    DME for jamil's evil twin Yeast starter? Lots O choices so yea..... whats the right DME?
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    Lets make a DIPAR

    Ok, I want to come up with a double india pale ale RED extract kit, lets see some of your thoughts on what ingredients you would include.